Monday, March 13, 2006

Good News?

Where do I start?
There is just too much happening.

I guess mainly, two things have happend.
One- I got a new job.
Two- I quit my old job.

This second one will obviously follow the first, but it was one of the hardest things I've had to do. Not because I liked my old job or the people there, but because I loathed them!

I hated my manager, she was a cunning, exploiting B****. And being civil to her everyday for 8 hours was wearing me down.
And quitting on a good note was VERY tough. I smiled till the very end, and so did she ( to her credit) but it was all very nerve-racking and exhausting. So thank God that's over!

I have till the 20th before I start with my new job.

I guess I should be happy. But I'm not really.
I was relieved when I got the job. Cos that meant i could quit the old job. But this new one is a very good job.
Which is good.

But I'm scared really.

I have a week till I join the new job. So you can say that I'm on a vacation of sorts. And I want to go to India. I want to see my friends and visit all the places I used to frequent.
But of course, my parents won't let me go.

And that is what scares me. I've got this terrific new job. Which means I'm kinda settling down here. Here, in Dubai, where I can't go anywhere without getting "premission" from my parents. Here, in this gold cage of sorts.

I've lost my freedom. And I don't see anything I can do to get it back, short of getting married. And really, that's not a reason to get married is it?

I feel all alone.


Rhyncus said...

Pre-newjob anxiety is natural. You simply need to take off on a weekend jaunt someplace and wash the old job off the system. Or just sit back n chill. :)
And in 7 days you'll be as good as new.

SID said...

WOW! A new, good job in Dubai is pretty amazing for a lot of people (including me) but yes Freedom is important. Well living alone definitely has its advantages which I have seen for the past 4 years & like u said the best bit is the permission stuff. Well you gotta do what you gotta do. How bout shifting base?

n.g. said...

getting older is a physical thing. getting more independant is a mental thing. slowly and steadily start doing your own thing, taking your own decisions, independant of your parents. of course they will resist, but its up to you to wear the resistance down. soon you'll realise that they would have accepted the fact that you are independant and dont need to be handheld all the time. you dont HAVE to move out to be independant. a lot of my female friends live with their parents and still lead their own lives.

married or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

You only get tied down, when you *feel* you are tied down. There is merit in the old saying that "Akkare nikkumbol, ikkere pacha".

Besides Dubai is a great place to be, if only they did not buy all the US ports ;-)

I have only passed thru Dubai as an intransit passenger, and my newly acquainted fellow traveller was scared she will be persecuted, cause she was Jewish. Perhaps I had misunderstood Dubai. Perhaps I need to see more of Dubai, should see what is beyond their Gold Souks (which suspicously looked like Alukkas Jewellery)...


Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention, Congrats and best wishes on your new job btw..

So this guy you have a crush on...was he working in your old company?


Jay said...

You've got a good job. Maybe it's time to push the boundaries a little and make your parents treat you like the adult you are?

It's all very well being a good daughter and respect their wishes, but ultimately, it's your life.


zombie said...

I don't care what u do but get your ass down here lady!! We've got to spend time together. If that means getting married...i'd say DO IT !! :-)

Congratulations on yr new job..adopt me pleeeeze!

Sonia said...

rhyncus: good as new. but i wonder if that is good enough!

Big S: How can I shift base now that I have this terrific job and all?!

nish: hmm, you're right, but it's hard to put to practise u know. It's the worry on their faces and the disappointment in their eyes that gets to you. emotional blackmail i know. but they can't help being who they are.

Arya: thank you! and yes, you should visit Dubai. It's a good place for a vacation. No, the guy I had a crush on did not work with me.

Jay, you don't live with your parents. And there's a reason!

Zombie: i wish i cud yar! i really want to! later maybe. and as for the adoption, you gotta come here first! :o) i wish you wud!

AB said...

Congratulations. And kiddo, Jay's right. Push the boundaries. You have to if you want to live life.

I know how it is cause I have lived with mine who can get pretty cagey. When they hear of my official trips they freak out but what the hell I go ahead. You come to India and to Delhi. We'll have fun!

sinusoidally said...

Congratulations! What a coincidence I got a new job too!

muse said...

Congrats on the new job! And I'm with ab: do affirm yourself. I know, I know, easier said than done, but there must be a way to be respectful of your parents while still living the life which you want (and are entitled to, as an adult)... But anyhoo, either way, only _you_ know what is best for you, so all this is just an outsider's point of view. I trust you to do the right thing, whatever that may be for you! :)

KJ said...

Congrats and best wishes on your new job....

happy Holi



പാപ്പാന്‍‌/mahout said...

Congratulations on the new job!

About the parents, they are trying to protect you from making mistakes (at least that's what they think), but that means you will miss all the fun in making your own mistakes ;) I have had a very cordial relation with my parents; it happened that way probably because I flew away from the nest as soon as I could :)

APOO said...

Look around, there is a lot to learn in this loneliness. As a matter of fact your post shows you have learnt a lot!

Sonia said...

AB: kiddo??! :o( hmmm!

and i am pushing the boundaries! to the maximum! i don't have a choice, i just gotta keeping stretching the boundaries! and i'll definitely let you know when i come to Delhi!

sinusoidally: Congratulations to you! :o)

muse: thanks!:o) i don't wanna hurt my parents and i wanna live my own life too! so let's see how I can do that!

KJ: thank you! and Happy Holi! :o)

mahout: i've lived away from my folks for saome time now, which is why it's all the more harder to adjust now that i'm living with them again!

Apoo, I started blogging 2 years ago because of lonliness. I'm not sure what you're talking about when you say I've learnt a lot, but I'm tired of it.

dxb prasad said...

all the best with your new job ! .. enjoy the change.

btw, have put a post about blank noise on my blog. wud u like to comment?

Jay said...

Hon, moving away from my parents was MY way of leading my own life. Believe me, they weren't keen on me living thousands of miles away. But they're - finally - accepting that it's something that I gotta do for me.

Sonia said...

dxb prasad: thanks! and i've left my comment!

Jay: Sigh! I know living away from them would be the best thing for me ( and for them too in the long run). which is excatly why this new job is kinda bitter-sweet. Cos now i can't leave the job and go away, and yet i can't stay here and retain my sanity!

Anonymous said...

"I started blogging 2 years ago because of lonliness. I'm not sure what you're talking about when you say I've learnt a lot, but I'm tired of it"

You need sex.

Sonia said...

anonymous: and YOU need to have the balls to leave a name!

Anonymous said...

why? so you can have my balls cut off? :-)

virginupdates said...

i know exactly how you are feeling.i quit my old job but haven't got a new one yet:(
i am all alone too