Monday, February 18, 2008

The Next Dr. Phil ( and much better!)

I've figured out what I should be! I should be a relationshiop-counsellor!

No really, I'm serious!
I know exactly what is wrong (or right) in a relationship and I think I know how it can be fixed too (if it needs fixing).
Okay, I know what you're thinking. She's single, she's only 26! What the hell is she talking about?!

First of all, I've been in relationships! (I see you go "uh huh! Big freakin deal!" But hear me out ok!)
Secondly, I have the advantage of observing relationships from the outside, which makes me all objective and so much more better than the person actually in it.
And thirdly, I'm good at it! ( I really am, the reason I'm single is cos I'm so good, it's hard to come across someone as good as me!)

So I was thinking, I should start a counselling center or whatever. Give gyan to people. Make them happier. And make money off my gyan, and make me happier!
Ok, they may not like my advice too much, (You're too immature! Go hike the AT and come back to me in a year. That'll be 500 bucks, thank you!) but I'd be right! And they would be happy too, in the long run!

A lot of people who get into relationships don't really seem to realize what they're really getting into. They only think of the love and the fun part of it all. And when the going gets rough (as it inevitably will) they panic and go Whoa! I didn't sign up for that! Then they think, "okay! so this was a bad idea, I don't know what I was thinking!" and break up and brood until they "fall in love" again. Or not. Whatever. Which is why I think people started the whole marriage thing in the first place.
With a marriage, When the going gets rough, you're stuck with each other, and you try and get it resolved and make the best of things, which might actually improve the relationship. ( Of course, this was before divorce lawyers got into the picture, bloody sharks!)
Nowadays, people just don't seem to realize that the going does get tough. They don't seem to look beyond the romantic dinners and the walks on the beach. I guess we've all been watching too many movies and not realizing that movies end! People who are mature enough to plan their future to the point of retirement even before they hit 30 don't seem to have a clue what to do when their relationship with their partner turns sour. They complain "things are not the same anymore! Maybe I made a mistake", without really looking back at themselves and to try and see what can be done to fix it.
Does it need to be fixed or should you let it go? Did it feel special in the beginning? Do you have a lot of happy memories? Do you think there is a possibility of more happy memories than sad? (see what I mean, I'm goooood! :D)

And all this would just be in my first session! So what do ya say?!
Would I be great or would I be great!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Feb 14th

I went to work.
Got wished Happy Valentines by a bunch of people, and I wished them back.
Saw the smug expressions on the faces of the coupled people and the defensive single-but-I'm-happy-the-way-i-am expressions on the others.

It's sad when a lot of couples take this day as an oppurtunity to show how much love they have in their lives to others than to really express it to each other. It's more of a Ooh! Look at me, I'm not alone thing. There's so much pressure to be with someone.

It's ridiculous really. Cos it's only another day, and one really shouldn't be bothered about being alone on that day if they're not bothered about it any other day.
Obviously, that's easier said than done.

I was invited to a party. Valentines Day party. Filled with couples. There were just one other girl apart from myself who was single. And she brought along two of her girlfriends who were married but were on a vacation to Dubai. There were silly games to play and when asked how they felt today, they waxed eloquent about how much they missed their husbands and how everyone else was so much in love and how wonderful it is to see all that.
If they missed their husbands so much, then why did they decide to leave them on Valentines Day, catch a plane, and take off to another country and speak to a bunch of strangers about how much they love their husbands and miss them?

I mean, what is that?!

I didn't expect to enjoy the party really, but I did, and I won a camera (a canon powershot a530) cos they liked my answer when they asked me what I wanted in life.
I told them I wanted to travel. Not that great an answer I know.
I guess they were more convinced of my answer than any of the other bullshit than they heard that day.

So anyway, now I have two cameras! ( I have a canon ixus 950is of my own) :D

Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Houseguest

The cat just walked into my house like he owned it!
Apparently, that is typical cat behaviour.

He's a stray. I used to feed him tidbits (sometimes sneak him some milk as well when my mum wasn't looking) and so he used to let me pat him.
Last night though, was a cold one (ok, not as cold as it gets in some parts of the world, but in dxb, 10 degrees C is cold!). We'd had a sandstorm in the morning and there was a chilly wind at night.
So when I found him outside my house I coaxed dad into letting him inside the house for "just a little while". My dad pretended to suffer his company (while secretly enjoying it. Sometimes I think he likes the cat more than me!) and the cat let us stroke and pet him for a while after which he starting exploring the house.

This is an intelligent animal, and he soon found his favourite room in the house... the kitchen!

I had to shoo him out several times ( I don't think I've ever been in the kitchen so many times in a day! Hell, normally I never step into the place!)

Btw, will someone (Sherry, you have cats! Hellllp!) tell me what these creatures like to eat?! I gave him fish and he refused to eat it! What kinda cat doesn't like fish?! I mean, aren't fish supposed to be a cat's favourite or something?Anyway, this guy sniffed at it suspiciously and then walked away (for me to clean up after of course! WTH! I bet he thinks I'm his maid!) He finally did eat some chicken which my dad was having for dinner. Then he went round the house and got into all sorts of nooks and crannies which I didn't even realize existed! I opened the door for him to see if he wanted to leave, but he just turned away from it and finally settled down to sleep under the sofa in the living room. I use the word 'sleep' lightly though, cos everytime I opened the door to the kitchen, he would jump up expectantly and come to see what I was upto. And this only happened when I opened the kitchen door!
When I turned off the TV and went to bed, he followed me into the room and settled himself under my bed somewhere and I let him be.

I was fast asleep when I was woken up at around 5 am. I had felt some movement around my feet! I got up and found the cat sleeping ON MY BED! I tried to shoo him away and he just ignored me and curled into a ball again.
But I was not happy! This little guy had probably never showered in his life! And he was on my bed! Na-ah! No way!

I got up, turned on the lights, and tried to get him off the bed.
"Get off the bed! Get offff!! NOWW!!!"
He looked at me with this look that clearly said I-think-you're-overreacting-but-whatever and finally disdained to get up. Only, he started walking around the bed, and went to my laptop (which happened to be on one end of the bed) and very calmly stood on it and strretched luxuriously and then proceeded to calmly wash himself.
I'd had enough! I took him by his neck and shooed him out of the room and that was that.

I was slightly sorry for my behaviour and wanted to make amends in the morning but he was gone by then. Dad let him out. And he's not been back since.
But apparently, that is the nature of cats. I'm sure he'll return though. And in the meantime, I have a loot of washing to do, what with all the bedsheets and comforters and pillow cases he was walking on!
So, I guess I kinda have a cat! Or rather, the cat has me! :D
I just need to give him a name now.

Any suggestions :o) ?