Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sick of being Sick!

I've fallen ill. :o(

I had to cancel my trip to Qatar, which I was happy about!
I stayed home all of Saturday with a sore throat and a red nose twice it's normal size. I think I had fever too, cos it was around 40 degrees C outside and I was shivering and covering myself with a light blanket.
It's Sunday now... and I'm still home, throat better, nose all chapped from the excessive rubbing, and completely tired out from the smallest of exertions. Even making green tea is tiring!

And I'm so bored! The laptop hurts my eyes if I stay on it for too long. I can't read, cos again.. my eyes hurt. I've slept so long I feel like I should be renamed Rip Van Winkle!

I'm beginning to feel going to Qatar might have been better.
I need some positive energy to be sent my way. I need to get better, soon!

God, please make me healthy (and while you're at it, maybe you could throw in some wealth and wisdom too!) :P

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why God whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!!!

I was running late today and couldn't figure out what to wear so I threw on a pair of jeans and a black kurta and rushed out of the house. Our office does have a policy of formals on weekdays but it's not very strictly enforced and we have people (usually back-office and marketing people) wear jeans on weekdays as well.
I usually wear only formals to work except on casual Thursdays.
And even then, I usually wear heels. Today, I wore flats.

I walk into the reception and who do I see there? Toni!
Toni the German works for our vendor who gives us the most business. I am one of the people who manage the product that his company sells.
Toni is very very German! He's always two mins early for an appointment, he's very particular about everything he does and wants everything to be very correct! He's wearing a suit and when he stands to shake hands with me, he's towering over me in his 6ft2inches against my short frame (5ft3.25inches and yes! The point 25 does count!)

As we're talking, my boss walks over. And then, his boss comes in the door, bringing with him 3 other people who work with our vendor. They're all in suits and all over 6ft tall! Even the woman! They bend down to shake hands with me! (white people are tall!)

This is not going to help me with the tough and aggressive business-woman image I'm trying to portray! Hell! I look like the daughter someone brought in to work for bring-your-child-to-work day!


Of all days, why'd I have to wear casuals to work todayyy?!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A little pregnant?

I'm serrriously worried about my body!
I've got a tummy that makes me look like I'm 4 months pregnant!
It's got me thinking that I might actually be pregnant... I'm half contemplating buying a home pregnancy test kit, even though I've not even been dating anyone since... it's been over a year now. Wow. Time flies even if you're not having fun!

I'm telling you... if I am pregnant... I'm suing God! I'm not gonna take it lying down like the good Madonna! No can do! We got lawyers in this day and age! :P

Although... I did have an insaaane amount of ice cream today after dinner.
And now I feel like I can barely breathe! I'm that stuffed! (probably explains my 4-months-gone belly).

On a more serious note... I can't sleep.
I don't know why though. I went to bed at 4 am today and woke up at 7:30am... forced myself to sleep again and finally got out of bed at 10. Haven't slept since and I still can't sleep!

I did yoga... I did the laundry... I had green tea and honey.
Still... nothing!

Gonna try counting sheep now.

PS: God, u know I was only kidding na!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

milke bhi... hum na mile.. :P

I'm back! again! God knows how long before I see the airport again!

And guess what! Atif Aslam was on the flight with me on the way to Bahrain! :D
I realized this only after we landed and we we were getting off the flight. He was carrying his guitar with him... which was what made me look at him, cos everyone else had laptops (what else would take someone to Bahrain on a weekday at 1pm other than work?!).

Turns out... he was on work too. He has a concert there tonight (that's what it says on the net).
And no, I didn't talk to him. Even though we were standing right next to each other waiting at passport control.
I'd rather be a stranger than some goofy girl gushing all over him.
It's not like he's Hugh Jackman or anything na!

This dude is pretty good-looking though! Better than what he looks like on-screen! He had his shades on... (typical star behavior eh?) and he seemed quite thinner than what he looks like on-screen.. but good-looking alright!
And I love this song he sang!

And oooh! This one too!

listening to it now....


Maybe I should have talked to him after all!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Not sure if i'm coming or going anymore!

10:15 am

I've booked for a taxi to come pick me up at 11:30 am. I have a flight to catch at 1pm.
I'm going to Bahrain.
I have not yet packed. Hell, I've not even woken up properly yet!

Definitiely shows my enthusiasm for these things eh?
Oh well, at least I'm back tomorr... franctically checks flight info ... yeah.. I'm back tomorrow!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

"I don''t think so!"

I'm back from Oman.
It was quite a good trip, work-wise.

I was staying at the Ibis this time. I gotta say... this is the worst service I've received from a hotel ever!

I get to the airport and wait there for around 20 minutes. Usually, there's a guy with a placard waiting to pick me up. This time... nothing! I finally call the hotel and the guy at the reception says that a driver was sent and waited for 40 mins before leaving. Which was ridiculous, cos my flight was on time and I had been waiting for over 20 mins by then myself.
But forget that! Forget that they didn't send a pick-up. When I told the guy at the reception that I'd been waiting for the past 20 mins, he doesn't apologize, he doesn't say they'll send someone across.
He says " I don't think so!"

Excuse me?!!
What the hell does that mean? I'm lying about no one picking me up?! I prefer being stranded at the airport at 6:30 in the morning and then complaining about it?!

I took a taxi to the hotel with another guy who was also staying at the same place and hadn't had a pick-up sent (big surprise!). I went to check-in and the woman at at the reception says
"Sorry ma'am, we don't have a double room for you. We can give you a single room."
If looks could kill, she'd have been giving her sorry-assed excuses to St. Peter by now!

"What room was booked for me?"
"Ma'am, a double room."
" And you confirmed the booking?"
"Yes ma'am." *slight squirming*
"Then. get me. a. double. room."

Two minutes later....

"Ma'am. A double room just became available."

(who the fuck does she think she's messing with?!)

Here's the other stuff that they never put in their websites :

* They don't have a bell-boy. You are required to carry your own luggage (which I can't due to my neck problem). The guys at the reception carried my luggage as a favour for me!

* They don't have room service! You call and order the food from the restaurant, they make it ready, you either go down and eat at the restaurant (which I don't prefer to do as I'm usually alone) or else you go down, they give you a freaking TRAY, and you carry your food back!
I got my food delivered to the room cos the guy at the restaurant was a nice guy. They don't even deliver water as a policy across all Ibis hotels!

I gotta say though, the room itself was clean and good. A bit small, but I've stayed in smaller ones in Europe. They also have free wifi, which is a huge plus when compared to places like crowne plaza where you gotta pay for internet access and the rates are quite exorbitant.

I think they're mainly targeting business-people as it's not very family-friendly.
Not sure where they got the idea that people on business would want to carry their own luggage and not eat in their rooms!

The hotel is centrally located and quite close to all my clients, so I'm torn between switching hotels or staying there again and taking "favours" from the staff.
But the bad service and callous attitude overrules everything else!

Will I be joining their club membership program?
"I don't think so!"

Friday, May 07, 2010

Jumper (cos I'm jumping from topic to topic :P)

I don't know why, but everything is making me cry these days.
I'm extremely touchy about things, and I feel like I'm all alone.
It is of course, another thing altogether that I am all alone!

Today I went for lunch with some friends where one guy was introducing us to his fiancee.
It was all fine, fun even! But we had to get a table for 7. SEVEN cos I'm always the odd one out.
Usually I don't notice it so much, except this time, his fiancee kept asking the other couples stories of how they met each other.

Why is everyone else in love?

On other news, I'm off to Oman (again!) on Monday and will be back on Wednesday. The week after I'm apparently in Bahrain. I feel like I'm living the life of George Clooney's character in Up in the Air. All this traveling has earned me a silver card at skywards and a killer neck pain! :P

Is that the price of success?
How would I define success? Would I call myself successful?

Well, I guess I could say I'm independent.
I don't ask anyone for money. I have my own car. I pay rent for the little hovel I live in.
I travel to some lovely places (not the work bit, but otherwise).

On the flip side, I barely make ends meet. I'm exploited. I'm doing a job I don't want to. I despise my boss. I could stand to lose about 5kgs. I want to move to another house.
And the last man I dated was a severe disappointment.

Everything's a mess. I feel like if I were fired tomorrow, I'd actually be relieved. But even though I feel this way... I don't want to quit. That is of course, one of the bad things about being an expatriate. You can't stay here and wait tables while looking for another job or writing a book or whatever. There's immigration and all that crap.

Tomorrow I go for the Adobe party at the Ritz for free food and booze that I will not drink.
I'm not sure why I'm going really. I don't really like partying that all much.
I'm more of a sit-around-a-table-with-your-friends-and-drink-margaritas kinda person.

I wonder... if my friends wanted to set me up with someone... and they were to tell a guy about me... what would they say??


Saturday, May 01, 2010

It is what it is. But what is it?

I got back from Kerala yesterday.
My treatment went well, but it's going to be a while before I'm completely alright.
The vaidhyan told me that two of my chakras were blocked.
Now if you're the kind who doesn't believe in stuff like that, then read no further.
But he helped me a lot. And it makes sense to me.
The exercises the vaidhyan asked me to do are simple. The pain has reduced a lot and I've joined yoga classes here. My teacher is very good, understands my condition and gives me special attention during classes.
I will have to continue exercising. And I'm going to make some simple changes in my lifestyle that should make things better for my health. Stuff like the early to bed, early to rise least on weekdays!

I've only been gone two weeks, but I feel like I've been gone a long time. I met with the gang last night, and it was fun. But then I found out that one couple might be moving to Hong Kong.
Which depressed me a lot.
I realized that nothing was happening in my life.

Back in India, everyone is super excited (except for my parents of course) about an upcoming wedding in September. The official engagement just happened in the UK and everyone's asking me to fly down to India for the wedding. My parents are upset about going for the wedding cos everyone is going to ask about me and my still-single status. Again!

While I was in Kerala, I met with a classmate of mine who's just given birth to her second child. A friend of mine in dxb announced she's pregnant last month.

I'm happy for all these people. Even for the couple who might be moving to Hong Kong (it's a good job opportunity apparently).
But the thing is... I feel like everyone's moving on but me. I'm still working a job I hate. I'm desperate for a new job but nothing good's coming my way! (I did get an offer with the competition, but the money wasn't good. And the other job was in Canada! Call me crazy, but I don't wanna move into sasquatch-country and be snowed in for most of the year!)
My love-life is dead. I've even gotten to the point that I just don't care anymore. In fact, when mum was lecturing me about it in India (oh yeah! She gave me the "marriage lecture" the night before I had to leave for dxb), I told her to go ahead with the whole arranged marriage thing.
I'm fed up. I'm done with having to fight for something I'm not even sure exists anymore.

So yeah, that's where I'm at.
I'm not sure if I'll figure it all out Later. I'm not sure if I'll come back here in 5 years and smile and the person that I used to be.
I don't know.
And I'm just fed-up with not knowing.