Saturday, January 12, 2008

December Highlights

The end of the year was a busy one.

The weather was lovely and I went camping. Twice.

First to Musandam...

... and then to Hatta (Hatta pics were taken by a friend of mine with a fantastic eye for detail and an awesome camera).

New Year's eve was spent at a house party at S's place where I got so wasted that I (for the first time in my life) don't remember what I did most of the night.
I never believed that alcohol could do that to you.
When people talked about how they were so drunk that they didn't know what they were doing, I always assumed it was just an excuse to do whatever and blame it on alcohol.
But now I know that that's not true.

And it wasn't my fault, really. (It really wasn't!)
I had come late for the party ( after 11:30 pm) and everyone was already high and dancing and I was feeling kinda low for some weird reason. I wanted to catch up with the others and quick. So I had a very stiff drink of cranberry flavoured Absolut and Sprite. Which was enough, actually, cos I hadn't had any dinner.
And then K gave me another stiff drink and then they all decided to have tequila shots and then all I remember is a lot of dancing and laughing.
I also remember having a very serious conversation in which I think I was trying to convince someone about something... I wish I knew what that was about.

I remember feeling extremely thirsty and looking for water. I saw a Masafi (brand of mineral water sold here) bottle and gulped down the contents and then realized that my throat was on FIRE!
Some bloody idiot had put tequila in it!

I don't remember anything after that.
But people tell me that I danced a lot more and hugged a lot of people and told them I love them all! (bloody rockstar I am when i'm drunk na?)

V and R tried to put me to bed, and left me in one of the room's but noooo. I apparently didn't want to sleep. I broke S's framed picture of John Lennon (which explained the cuts on my hand I guess). They think I was trying to find my way out of the room and was looking for the light-switch when I hit the frame off it's hook.

I don't remember ANY of this of course.
All I remember is waking up with the worst hangover EVER, my eyes all bloodshot and my throat as dry as the sand in the desert in August.
J asked to me drink Redbull and go back to sleep. Which worked!
Redbull gives you wings indeed!

When I woke up later on I was still kinda woozy and felt vaguely empty. And confused.
And lonely.
I wanted to be drunk again and love everyone without having to think twice about it.

Life is better when you're drunk.
I wonder if this year I'll turn into an alcoholic.


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

what's cricket got to do with it?

When someone calls you a monkey, it is not a racial slur, it is an insult.
And if you don’t have the sense to understand that, then the only one insulted is the monkey.