Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One exhausting trip that ended with a Bang! Literally!!

It's funny... I HATE my job, and yet, all around me... people keep talking about how they'd like to have it!
Talk about grass being greener on the other side!

I'm back from Cairo, which was a drag, though business-wise I think it was pretty good. I didn't get to see the pyramids this time round either though! :o(

Our flight was delayed while arriving by a half hour. The crazy pilot overshot dubai and went to ajman and further north... not sure why! And then when the plane finally landed at 2am, we taxied for ages and finally came to a stop in the middle of nowhere and we had to get onto buses to take us to the airport instead of that thing that connects the plane directly to the airport. Emirates never behaved like this before!

I'd purchased a gift from swarovski during departure on the 17th, but I wasn't very comfortable carrying it around with me during my 3 day trip. I must say, the Dxb Duty Free guys have some exemplary customer service options! They offered to keep my gift with them, and when I got back, I could collect it at Arrivals!
I was told to collect it from the Information counter, but I didn't know that the Duty Free information counter was inside the shop itself. So I walked out, past customs (cos this other guy had pointed me in that direction) and finally, almost reached the gate to go out and checked with the airport security guys and they told me it was back inside.
There was this one really cute one, he asked for my passport, took it, and said he'd lead me to the place. We were walking side by side, but when we had to pass the doorway, I let him go first and pushed my trolley behind him... and hit him with the trolley on his ankle!

To his credit, he didn't say a word (although he was slightly limping the rest of the time!). I was like "ohmygawwwwd! I'm soooooo sorrryyyyy! Damndamndamn!! Sorriiiiieeee!" while this other passenger who saw what happened grinned and gave me a thumbs-up sign.

So yes, my trip included assaulting airport security personnel! A cute one at that!

Wonder what would have happened if this happened to me in India! I'd probably be bribing my way out of jail by now!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Livin la vida loca!

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day, someone I've known since 5th grade, one of the few people from that lifetime I'm still in touch with.
We were talking about how it's all turned out so unlike the way we expected life to when we were kids. I was telling her about how other people my age seem to have life so sorted out!
They're doing the job they want, writing books or starting businesses, they're married, having kids or planning to... all around me... I see people with some sort of stability in their lives.

And then there's me. I've no idea what I'll be doing tomorrow even!
That's in my personal life of course. Professionally, my life's been planned out by my company in a business plan that took a week for me to prepare and get an approval of!

I wonder if I should make a similar plan for Life as well! Wonder if I can plan out my life for FY(financial year) 2010!
I can check through the history of last year, evaluate what went wrong and what went right, do a SWOT analysis and figure out what the critical success factors would need to be! Budget planning, market strategies... the works! I could plan out my life for a year!
This is something that I never considered of course, never having planned anything ever before!

Take today for instance! I'd gotten an appointment to get my hair done at 4pm. I ended up lazing around the house (cos it's the weekend! I deserve to laaaaze!), didn't feel like going, and then called to postpone.
I had a vague plan in my head to shop for a dress for the wedding I'm attending in Bombay next week. My friend texts me for something, I text back and next thing you know she's taken me to this store that sells Indian outfits and I'm the owner of a lovvvvvely kurta (to wear for the mehndi!). We then decide to go the MOE and we end up talking till 11:30, sipping on iced teas and eating awesome pasta. She wants to go grocery shopping, and we're walking towards carrefour and see a movie poster.
We decide suddenly that we need to watch a movie! Grocery shopping is forgotten! But we don't like the MOE cinemas, so we go to Dubai Mall to watch Nine. (we're spoilt that way, us dxbians!)
Then we're back on shk zayed road, which I love driving through, esp after midnight, when it's (mostly) clear and we can just cruise along! It was a lovely Friday, even though it wasn't exactly what I'd planned it to be.

My life may be unplanned... and it may not be what everyone else would want for themselves... hell, even I don't like it at times... but at this moment... it feels right.
And this moment counts!
And hell! Even the business plans never turn out the way we plan it!!


Saturday, January 09, 2010

Calling the Universe... Hellloooooooooo!?

Puhleeeeeease..... give me a new job! You know the one I'm thinking about! Get me it! Gimme!

Ok, so it's out there, I've said it out loud a million times, wished it a million times, and now I've put it out in cyberspace. Universe, it's about time! And I'm done waiting!


*waiting for the phone to ring*

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New Beginning

It's useless to hold onto something that (I now realize) was never there.
Of course, it's easy to say "move on" and more difficult to do.

The logical part of me is all " WTF Sonia! Get going already!" and the illogical part of me (which seems to govern the tear glands) still holds on, to the ghost of what used to be.
It's silly really. And I know that.

So I thought I'd let the logical part of me take charge.
I start with a sunnier template, hence the green (I luhhhve green!)
I will also blog more (it's therapeutic!) and blog about sunnier topics more!

I will also keep myself busy, which is eaaaasy, considering how busy I am already!

1. I'm learning to speak Spanish.
2. I'm going to Cairo again, for work.
3. I'm going to Bombay for a few days (my best friend from college is getting married. Hindu-muslim marriage. It oughta be exciting, this!)
4. I need to start looking for a new job, in earnest!

So, ¡salud! To a fresh start!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

My resolution for 2010

1. Don't look back!
2. Get an awesome job.

To hope, love and dreams of second chances! (from the movie Definitely Maybe)

Happy New Year!