Monday, August 01, 2011

Yes, I've moved

I got a comment on my previous post asking if I'm still blogging, and mannnn am I surprised!
I didn't think anyone actually read this blog, other than my rant about Kerala on which I still keep getting comments. God knows where the crazies have put it up that it's still being read!

Anyway, for the ONE reader that's still following this blog, thank you! I'm touched! (really!)

I am fine, and alive and all that. And yes, I do have another blog where I am more active, and yes, I will mail you the link.
I'd have put it up here, but I'm using my real name on that blog, so I need to be more careful about people linking that one to this blog, as this one is generally a sad little blog, and I'm not actually so sad all the time! You'd like me if you met me! ;)

So anyway, adios and all that! I will not be posting on this blog anymore.

If there are any more lurkers out there, leave me a mail and I'll lead you to my new blog.