Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Here’s the conversation I had today on chat today between me and a random female I knew from my office in Delhi about 6 years ago. Kindly note that I've not been in touch with her or talked to her in years!
(Typos left as is)

Her: hai, how r u
Me: hey! I'm good
and u?
Her: ok
iam also good
how is life
when u planning to marriage
/* WTF!!! Firstly, how does she know I’m NOT married?! Secondly, WTF!!!!! And no, I have not cut out parts of the conversation. She just asked me about marriage first thing!*/
me: life is good.
I’m not planning it. How are things with you?
HER: why
/* whyyy??? how the hell is it HER business to know?!*/
iam doing well
planning for a baby

me: oh ok
good luck with that!
/* erm… happy humping? */
HER: but same problem is with me' /* What do you mean SAME problem?! what problem???! */
iam taking the treatment /*errrr. Not sure what to say!*/
me: oh ok
HER: where r u
me: in dubai
HER: dubai?
when u r comming to kerala
/*errrr. WHY?!*/

*banging my head against the wall*