Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dubai Mall, flooded due to rains!

Mannn! If a stray thunderstorm can have this effect on the biggest mall in the muddle east... I shudder to think what would happen if something really bad happens!

Monday, February 15, 2010

More Whine?

Ok, I'm off to Oman now (in about 2 hours and I haven't even started packing).
I'm back on Wednesday.

All this traveling for work is really getting to me.
Every time I travel, I fall behind on my mails and then I have to struggle to catch up and I have clients screaming for attention, huge projects that need to be worked on etc etc. By the time I can make sense of it all, I have to travel to another country!
There's not enough manpower to handle all of the work, but the company's too cheap to hire any more people. Everyone's frustrated, everyone's snappy, everyone's tired and overworked except for the idiot that we in the team report to.
He is a jackass who does nothing, knows nothing, and is a liability to the company. But his luck's great, cos the company hasn't figured this out yet even though it is obvious to everyone who has talked to him for 2 mins even! All the clients keep complaining to me about him!

For the millionth time.... I hate my job!
Universe, you listening? Will you get me a kick-ass new job already?

Anyway... if someone knows of anything interesting that can be done in Muscat, please lemme know. Cos the last few times I went there, it was boring as hell!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

life ho toh aisi!

This is Goofy!
He doesn't like it if you touch him along his spine. He spends most of his time sleeping under the couch or eating.When he's a bit bored, he catches some sun and checks out the view of the ocean from the wall-length window in the living room (as shown in first pic).

He lives in Bombay, completely oblivious to SRK's publicity stunts and the crazy reaction by various political parties to it.