Saturday, December 24, 2005

when bloggers meet

Do you…. err… have a ….blog?

I wasn’t sure whether to ask that question or not, but I had suspected it from our very first meeting.

His eyes betrayed him. The wild-eyed panic in them, though present only for a fleeting second, told me the answer even before he smiled and hesitantly nodded.

My friend V had introduced me to him. We were gonna watch King Kong (I absolutely ADORE Adrien Brody, his smile is just so chaaarming! Sighhhhhhh! )

But we ended up watching just half the movie. The damn movie was for 3 hours or something and it was already 11:30 pm. Our dads ( us girls' dads, guys have no such problem) would freak if we got back home at 3 am. Parents don’t change no matter how old you get or where you’ve been in your life. Curfew was 11pm. And we were late. So we dragged the poor guy out of the cineplex and were on our way to the parking lot. I was complaining about how horrid it was to just watch half of the movie and V told me “well, at least it’s something for you to blog about right?!” (She knows I have a blog but I haven’t given her my link.)

When she said that, he became silent. He wasn’t talking then, but you can feel it when a person just closes up inside. That’s when I first suspected it. But I didn’t ask him anything about it then. Hell, I had just met the guy.

But this weekend we all went bowling. It was loads of fun! We all went to dinner afterwards to 19th Street CafĂ© (lovely place, crap food) and we got talking a lot and I was really curious about whether he was a blogger. So I asked. And he said yes. And then it was like…

OK! ….…. Should I ask him for his link, does he read my blog….. OMG!! What if he DOES read my blog….. naa….never got any comments from readers in Dubai… but maybe he reads it and doesn’t comment… naa, why would he do that… so he does NOT read my blog no? NO???

I didn’t know where to go from there. I was stuck. His was a personal blog too. He reads Opinionista too. Didn't ask about the others. He asked me if I wrote about books in my blog! I wonder which blog he connected me to.

I didn’t go for the blog meet last Friday even though I was tempted to, cos my blog is just too damn personal. I write about most everything in here. This isn’t a general blog. It’s a damn personal one. So I thought it best to not go for the meet. But I kinda ended up meeting a blogger anyway didn’t I?! :o)

And he’s left me awfully curious!!


Merry Christmas to ALLL!! :o)
Hope you all have happy holidays!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Did someone slip Prozac into my coffee?

All this time I was blaming everyone else for my lack-of-life-in-Dubai-syndrome.
But it isn’t anyone else's fault.
It isn’t cos I’m living with parents. It isn’t that my job is taking up all my time. It isn’t Dubai.
It’s me!

I’m the problem.

And all this time I’ve been trying to escape from everything else, instead of changing what is MY fault. How can I run away from me??

Sure, all the problems I’ve mentioned are real, but they are insignificant.
If only I look at it from a different angle.

I should just stop complaining about stuff like this.

So I've decided!

I've decided that I'm gonna get off my butt and start enjoying life. I mean, there are millions of people all over the world who are trying to come to Dubai.
And right now, this place is booming with oppurtunities!

And I'm right here! And I'm trying to get out!? How crazy is that!
Life is not gonna be easy anywhere. But it's easier in Dubai than in most other places (I kid you not).
There really are so many things I can do here. I can meet people from all over the world! I can go bowling or ice skating or scuba diving or jet skiing or even skiing!

All you really have to do is have a positive attitude. And of course, I need to actually get up and get going! And I'm ready.

I'm ready to live and enjoy the ride, through it's ups AND downs.

Hell, I just might even find that stripper. ;o)

Monday, December 19, 2005

New Year

What My New Year’s resolution should be according to:

My mum: Get married to nice Hindu-mallu-with-caste-horoscope-matching-accomplished-settled-boy that your father and I bring to you.

My Dad: Do what your mother says.

My sister: yeah, get married fast. I’m almost 18. I wanna get married NOW!

Me: Find fabulously wealthy and extremely handsome guy who will fall madly in love with me and then get married to him!
Or more realistically, save enough money and get the hell outta here.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Growing up.

A LOT has happened.

It started with my dreams of course. I kept dreaming that J was ill (J being my first boyfriend). I’ve mentioned all this before of course. I mailed him and later his friend told me he was seeing someone else, I was crushed. I thought he didn’t even bother replying to the mail, he hates me… etc etc.

Well, what happened was, he did reply to the mail.
Except I had blocked him from from my yahoo id! I did this last year, when things were so bad between us that I couldn’t bear to even receive his mails, and he insisted on writing them. I had forgotten that bit.
Funny thing about yahoo is, they deliver mails to the people you’ve blocked. Yahoo also does not tell people that someone has blocked their email id and so the message is not ever gonna be delivered.
So I sent the mail, J received it, was happy reading that I was still concerned about him, wrote back this HUGE mail, which apparently took him an hour to write, and thought that I got the mail but didn’t reply to it.

See how it’s all Yahoo’s fault!?

Aaanyway, I was crushed and devastated and all that. I cudn’t sleep, eat, listen to music … couldn’t do any of the things that made life worth living. I spent a LOT of money ( no more shopping!) on ISD calls to friends, crying and weeping and all that crap.

But I’m alright now and I’m ready to face life again. Thanks to my friends. old and especially the new ones.

I stole this from Inky, it explains things so well i just had to take it!

Jab bhi milti hai mujhe ajnabi lagti kyun hai?
Zindagi roz naye rang badalti kyun hai?

Tum se bichhdey hain to ab kisse milaati hai humein…
Zindagi dekhiye kya rang dikhaati hai humein…

So tomorrow is another day, and I know I’ve behaved in a silly way, but hey! I’m human. And I’m learning to live. Just like everyone else.

Thursday, December 08, 2005


My friend is getting married.
My only single friend. She’s gonna go too.
And I’m going through rehab to get over my ex-ex. (sounds weird na? Getting over ex-EX!)
BIGger sigh!
So pretty crappy for me all round.

I’m thinking, I should organize a bachelorette party. With stripper and all! ;o)
I’ve never been to one (bachelorette party). But I got inspired by my Bulgarian colleague, whose friend actually hired a real live male-stripper for the party!

I’ve never seen a stripper, male OR female. It should be interesting. Only I don’t know how we can organize this thing. I mean, a stripper can’t exactly be legal in this country!

I’m not really sure if I even wanna see a naked guy prancing about like an idiot. Hmmm. On the other hand, maybe I do. It should be funny, even if it’s not exactly arousing.

Anybody know where to get a male stripper in Dubai??
( Bulgarian colleague left the company,so I can't ask her.)