Wednesday, January 24, 2007

You see these shackles baby I'm your slave ...

Ohhhh yeah!

No, it's not what you think. I didn't ever care for justin timberlake nor his music.

BUT.... recently, I happened to see the guy on tv and realised that he looks an awwwful lot like this guy at work that I'm totally attracted to!
Which essentially means I'm looking at justin timberlake and aahe bharo-fying all the time.

Guy-at-work is quite fucked up, and needs help big-time. Dunno if that's the reason I find him so fascinating. ( i know i know, how scrwed up am i!)

Annnyway, we ended up going out and we were at Barzar at the madinat jumeirah, at the waterfront, and I was quite drunk and the guy smokes like crazy and I ( drunk idiot that I am) threw his cigarettes into the water to make him stop.

Which in itself wouldn't have been such a big deal, except the cigarettes were in a special leather cigarette pack holder... which turned out to be a gift!

No, we haven't been out since.


APOO said...

Thats bad! How would u have liked it if he threw a bottle of Bacardi in the water to make you stop?

But in a way, you did a good deed... so dun worry, thou shalt be rewarded... perhaps with someone more saintly

Keshi said...

LOL Sonia thats unforgivable indeed!


the saint said...


First Rain said...


Slave - what happened to do as you want done unto ... including throwing that pack of ciggies away! :D

How u doing, girl?

Happy New Year!

Sonia said...

throw baracdi into the water!? *gasp*

how can anyone think such unholy thoughts!

and i have the excuse of having been drunk at the time. :D

keshi: is it? :o( man! who wud've thought!

the saint: i'm glad at least someone is laughing!

FR: times are a-changin i guess! happy new year to u as well.'when i'm not aahe bharo-fying, i'm fine! :) how r u?

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...


KJ said...

welcome back...

finally cud login again...


hope u feel better soon..



zypsy said...

throwing away bacardi or any other alcoholic drink is a sacrilege but throwing a "special leather cigarette pack holder" into the river is sometimes ok:-))

:) said...

ha ha thats priceless.

enjoyed reading your blog.


jeet said...

funny blog dear


Sonia said...

toothless wonder: you should get in touch with The Saint guy. you two seem to think alike! :P

KJ: thanks KJ! i will if u bring divi to dxb next weekend! ;o)

zypsy: it really IS na?! i think it is. it's not like throwing away alcohol or anything! :)

:) : may i say you have a funny nick!

Jeet: my life's a joke! *siiiigh*

Ginger Girl said...

thats quite..ummmm..... horrendous.

I had my own drunken date at Irish Village.
umm..i woud not like to go into..what i did details..

Jim said...

Has anyone introduced you to this? That could explain why, as you put it, how "scrwed up" you are :)

I'll crawl back into my shell now.