Thursday, July 12, 2007

Someone like a Mom

I don't usually like people who don't like me.

My mum's no exception I guess.
Oh please! I'm old enough to know that all-mothers-love-their-children is all bull.

My mum does not like me.
She's got her own reasons for it.
She was fine when I was smaller. But then I grew up and ended up having a few opinions of my own, which were quite different from the kind of ideas she had.
I was too independent, I wouldn't get married to the man she chose, I ask too many questions, I thought differently from anyone else she knew in her life... her list is endless.
To be fair, so is mine.

I've tried to patch things up, but she isn't really interested. And I'm someone who has very little patience.
So that effectively ended it.
A long and useless relationship.

Now we just suffer each other.
And I'm okay with it too.

Except sometimes... when I'm feeling kinda low... I wish there was someone like a mom to hug me and tell me she loves me anyway.


APOO said...


Anonymous said...

a few clashes of ideas dont call for such scorn. before you jot down such things, make sure u'll not have to eat ur own words later.

I would tell you the above if i dint have a dad like your mom.
Aye for you.


Supernova said...

I guess dis is wat is called genration gap. everyone looks at things from their own point of view and at times no one is have ur beliefs bt den after living her life with her ideologies, cant really expect her to change at this time in life na.
Best way is to give in things which dont bother u much and keep her happy.
Try it. it works perfectly for me:)

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

the perpetual optimist that i am believes that everyone loves me.
So I love everyone too.
So here's a hug - if that'll make you feel any better. :)

AB said...

*hug* That's ok baby. I fight so bad with mine too. But you know she does love you inspite of what happens between the two of you. The thing is I feel very awkward expressing my emotions to my mom. I don't know why. But I wish I could.

Btw I love anyone who quotes Gregory David Roberts:0)

sinusoidally said...

Aww that is sad. Hope you feel better.

zombie said...

I used to be like this 7-8 years back...then i kept aside her feelings for me and wanted to think about her sans what she felt for me. I experienced deep sympathy, discovered a lonely soul, a pretty broad minded human being except when it came to her daughters and someone who had an ambition that was dying to come out. I reached out to her...and things have been quite different since then...

Anonymous said...

Take care ...

Anonymous said...

you get too dramatic about these things...which leads to dumb thoughts like this....a mom will always give you selfless love and affection. Kids are too dumb to get that...