Saturday, November 17, 2007

Where There Are Planes and Men who Sweat a Lot!

So I went to the Air Show.

No, I didn't buy a plane cos, well... I wouldn't know where to park it!

My colleague and I got entry and lunch passes from my manager ( a bribe for attending a super-boring conference) plus he let us go home at noon on a Thursday afternoon so that we'd be in time for the show.
We thought it was a good deal till we went there and realized that every single person in Dubai also had tickets and getting in was harder than getting first-day first-show tickets to Om Shanti Om, which, btw, is a mediocre movie at best, but I had fun cos I went with a crazy bunch of friends and we cat-called and danced and made the whole thing a lot more interesting than it actually was.
On the way there I saw a man standing outside the Airport Expo on his car and shooting the whole show on his camcorder! I guess he thought it'd be better than trying to get in!

Which was true! Cos it took us over an hour to get in and the whole process was just awwwful! We had to stand in a long serpentine line that refused to move forward. And it was hot and I realized that men sweat a LOT more than women for some reason!
And after sweating like pigs, they made them take their shoes off at the metal dectector place, right before entering, so the whole place was stinking something awful and I almost passed out! Talk about weapons of mass destruction!
Another weird thing about the whole "metal detecting" procedure... they made us remove every single item that we had on us... from belts to shoes to bags to wallets, except for our clothes.
Yet they forgot to ask me to take my watch off! Which is made almost entirely of metal! And the weird thing was... the detector did not go off!

So much for security eh?!
Anyway... we got to the place where we were to have lunch but lunch was long over... so we settled for drinks ( I had two glasses of Chardonnay) and watched the rest of the show, which I felt was totally not worth the effort, though it was very good I suppose.
I only had my cell-phone camera, so the pics weren't very good. But here's one of them:

I was so exhausted by the end of it all (and a little tipsy from the wine) that I just went straight to bed.
My last thought before I fell alseep was " My boss must HATE me!"


APOO said...

For you, after two glasses of Chardonnay, no air show is gonna be worth the effort!

KJ said...

:) did u see our new aircrafts?

Sonia said...

Apoo: oh yeah? What would you know? You've never met me! :P

KJ: I may have! My memory of the day is kinda fuzzy! :D