Saturday, January 12, 2008

December Highlights

The end of the year was a busy one.

The weather was lovely and I went camping. Twice.

First to Musandam...

... and then to Hatta (Hatta pics were taken by a friend of mine with a fantastic eye for detail and an awesome camera).

New Year's eve was spent at a house party at S's place where I got so wasted that I (for the first time in my life) don't remember what I did most of the night.
I never believed that alcohol could do that to you.
When people talked about how they were so drunk that they didn't know what they were doing, I always assumed it was just an excuse to do whatever and blame it on alcohol.
But now I know that that's not true.

And it wasn't my fault, really. (It really wasn't!)
I had come late for the party ( after 11:30 pm) and everyone was already high and dancing and I was feeling kinda low for some weird reason. I wanted to catch up with the others and quick. So I had a very stiff drink of cranberry flavoured Absolut and Sprite. Which was enough, actually, cos I hadn't had any dinner.
And then K gave me another stiff drink and then they all decided to have tequila shots and then all I remember is a lot of dancing and laughing.
I also remember having a very serious conversation in which I think I was trying to convince someone about something... I wish I knew what that was about.

I remember feeling extremely thirsty and looking for water. I saw a Masafi (brand of mineral water sold here) bottle and gulped down the contents and then realized that my throat was on FIRE!
Some bloody idiot had put tequila in it!

I don't remember anything after that.
But people tell me that I danced a lot more and hugged a lot of people and told them I love them all! (bloody rockstar I am when i'm drunk na?)

V and R tried to put me to bed, and left me in one of the room's but noooo. I apparently didn't want to sleep. I broke S's framed picture of John Lennon (which explained the cuts on my hand I guess). They think I was trying to find my way out of the room and was looking for the light-switch when I hit the frame off it's hook.

I don't remember ANY of this of course.
All I remember is waking up with the worst hangover EVER, my eyes all bloodshot and my throat as dry as the sand in the desert in August.
J asked to me drink Redbull and go back to sleep. Which worked!
Redbull gives you wings indeed!

When I woke up later on I was still kinda woozy and felt vaguely empty. And confused.
And lonely.
I wanted to be drunk again and love everyone without having to think twice about it.

Life is better when you're drunk.
I wonder if this year I'll turn into an alcoholic.



Rahul Rad said...

I suppose our worldly pretensions are indeed artificial.. at out basic level, we do love everyone :)
Happy new year pengale'


KJ said...

oh boy oh boyyy!!!

wat a way to usher in New year..

I too ushered in new year in a grand way.. sleeping..

nothing can beat that..:P



Sherry said...

You're not an alcoholic, silly girl. Your photos are amazing... thank you for sharing.

Lost in trance... said...

new years shud always be ushered in with the rite spirits...i need to get completely SLOSHED one of these days...or many of these days rather...

Sonia said...

Rahul: :o) Happy New Year!

KJ: that's what i did last year. thought i should do something else this year :o)

Sherry: i'm not, but this year i might become one!

Lost in Trance: forget News Year's! Every weekend should be ushered in that way! ;o)

zombie said...

haha...loved reading your new year account. It's fun to be completely sloshed I guess..I have been drunk but never like this I guess..

The camping pics are also very interesting..keep up the rhythm this year!

Anonymous said...

U girls bragging about getting drunk is really obscene. u have any values left in u or have u all become the bitches and whores that u r??? Shame on you...

Sonia said...

zombie: you too babe, you too!

Anon: You should at least have the courage to stick up to your "values" and own up to them instead of leaving cowardly anonymous comments.
Get a life.

Lost in trance... said...

girl - keep away from Joe over the weekends then. deal?

Sonia said...

of course! Joe doesn't know i drink! :D