Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 highlights

April - Mumbai

August - Salalah

Sept - Kerala

Sept/Oct - Turkey

Dec- Bali

Let's hope that in 2009 I use up all the pages of my passport! :o)


Anonymous said...

you will you will.. happy travelling... :)

AB said...


Now wish that for me too!:-)

Anonymous said...

And someone was getting jealous of my so-called weekly trips within the country!


Sonia said...

pink orchid - amen to that! thanks! :o)

AB: oh i will babe! May you go to Australia! ;o) Happy? :P

Hyde - you travel every other week! I don't have an off till Oct!

Hyde said...

But you make up for it by travelling to exotic destinations. I only have a motorcycle.

PS: Did I tell you it's Ooty this month? >:-D

Sonia said...

Hyde: Dude, seriously, all this jealousy isn't good for me! Cut me some slack ok!

Tazeen said...

Whoa, someone kept the immigration officials quite busy.