Monday, January 19, 2009

Barong Bali!

Take off!

The pool at the villa we were staying at. That's my room in front of it. :o)

They have this thing called "raksha" that they put in front of their houses every morning. It's like an offering to God.

The beach was a short, lovely, walk away from our villa.

... the beach.

Quad biking through the jungle is a messy business!

Temple in Bali.

Have looooads of pics, and mannnnny more memories.
Quad biking, scuba-diving, white-water rafting, pushing people into the pool, getting pushed in, playing water basketball in the pool, just sitting around drinking beer and chatting with friends...
oh man! I need another vacation!


Lydia said...

That looks wonderful! So much for being postponed! ;)

Sonia said...

Lydia: noooo! this was the one in dec! The one Susan's talking abt hasn't happened yet. That one's supposed to be in April.