Thursday, March 26, 2009

It does matter if you're black or white.

Yes, I liked the movie.
No, I don't think it's Oscar-worthy.

But what i hate now is that though Mr. Patel and Ms. Pinto may be raking in accolades for their performace, the rest of us are being called slumdogs by the white-world.

My blood boils... arrrrrgh!


Saltwater Blues said...

And what will you say when I tell you that last week at the Hard Rock Cafe in Mumbai some nigga DJ addressed the crowd as Slumdogs! ... Had a good mind to remind him of what his forefathers did for a living.

So how've u been S? All good I hope. Heard the recessions hit DXB pretty bad.

Sonia said...

SwB: you shouldn't use that word you know! It's just as bad as them calling us slumdogs ain't it?

And work-wise... well, I still have a job... for now.