Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Here’s the conversation I had today on chat today between me and a random female I knew from my office in Delhi about 6 years ago. Kindly note that I've not been in touch with her or talked to her in years!
(Typos left as is)

Her: hai, how r u
Me: hey! I'm good
and u?
Her: ok
iam also good
how is life
when u planning to marriage
/* WTF!!! Firstly, how does she know I’m NOT married?! Secondly, WTF!!!!! And no, I have not cut out parts of the conversation. She just asked me about marriage first thing!*/
me: life is good.
I’m not planning it. How are things with you?
HER: why
/* whyyy??? how the hell is it HER business to know?!*/
iam doing well
planning for a baby

me: oh ok
good luck with that!
/* erm… happy humping? */
HER: but same problem is with me' /* What do you mean SAME problem?! what problem???! */
iam taking the treatment /*errrr. Not sure what to say!*/
me: oh ok
HER: where r u
me: in dubai
HER: dubai?
when u r comming to kerala
/*errrr. WHY?!*/

*banging my head against the wall*


GhostOfTomJoad said...

Okay, this is very funny!

But, just out of curiosity...what kind of people have you been mixing around with? ׃-)

Sonia said...

in an office with 5000 employees, you don't get to pick and choose your acquaintances do you?! She's just this rannnndom person i don't even know!

Lydia said...

Move here. End of discussion.

Reflections said...

Many people live in this small world they have created & assume everybody else lives the same way they do:-)).

Anonymous said...

Could relate very well with the chat... typical Indian.. they poke their nose into everything... studies, marriage, kids...

pink said...

can't stop laughing, my tummy aches. some characters. glad i stumbled in here. hooked. :}

Sonia said...

pink: welcome! :o)