Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stocking up on skywards!

Last week:
Ok, so the presentation went well. Got a lot of positive response from the gathering in Muscat.(could have been the awesome food at the hotel! :P)

But a scary thing happened while I was there. At 6:30 in the morning, I was asleep in my room, and I got a call on my phone. I answered and a male voice said he was calling from the reception and wanted to confirm if i was staying alone in the room. I was half asleep and confused. I confirmed that I was alone. He then said that the hotel was offering a complimentary massage in my room. I was kinda confused by that, "errr.... okayy...?" and then the guy said that it was a massuer which made me feel suspicious. I said I'm not interested and he asked me if any of my friends would be interested.
He thought I was part of some cabin crew!
I said that he'd have to check with them and hung up on him.
I called guest relations, tracked the call to another room at the hotel, made a formal complaint against the guy, and they had him kicked out!

Imagine if I'd let the guy into my room!
And this was no cheap hotel. It was a 5 star one with chains all over the world! The hotel was of course, very apologetic and whatever, but how does that change anything?!

Next week:
I'm going for a quick break to India (nasik) with friends. Hope it stops raining soon and the roads aren't flooded cos we're driving from bombay to Nasik to a vineyard out there. They have a lovely bungalow too which they rent out and I intend to be in a state of complete inebriation when I'm there! :D
Hopefully I won't meet with crazy fake-masseurs while I'm there!


zombie said...

you are back in India and you don't care to inform me ! :(

Bini said...

omg..thank god u used your "Gift of Fear". Do read the book with the same title..Scary!..Can happend anywhere, anytime I guess..:(

Anonymous said...

Shocking to find that there are ppl who could cook up such tall tales even at the "5 star" hotels... I bet he gave you a scare... a solid one that too..