Saturday, December 19, 2009

Imponente Formentor!

I'm back from my 2 week vacation to Spain and the UK and it was fabulous! I actually got back last thursday, but it's taken me almost a week to get over the whole jet-lag thing! Which is weird, cos I didn't suffer from jet-lag when I was there! (either that, or I was too drunk to tell! :P)
I've got hundreds of pics of course, but lemme ease you in!

The ones above were taken at a place called Formentor in Mallorca (Spain).
I have never seen so much of the ocean ever! Esp from such a height! We went right to the top of that cliff, and the view of the ocean from there is just so breathtakingly beautiful. And so humbling! You realize how small you are in the bigger scheme of things.

When we went back and met with some locals, they said that everyday, at least 1 person jumped off the cliff there! Every day! Mannn!
But I gotta say, it's pretty easy to jump from there than say, to hang from a noose or something!
It's so beautiful that you'd feel like you're just joining in with the waves and becoming one with them (which you probably would, eventually, after being smashed to smithereens by the rocks!)
But you know... it would be like the whole ashes to ashes thing. I think it'd be a pretty good way to die actually!

Ok, enough talking about death.
I'll be back with more pics later.
Adios chicos!


Sid said...

Those are pretty stunning pictures and I am sure you had a wonderful vacation.
I have typically faced jet-lag on the return journeys (towards east) but I guess the fact that vacation is over is additional reason. But one week!

K said...

"you'd feel like you're just joining in with the waves and becoming one with them"

This when you just passed through Stratford-upon-Avon! Imagine what may have happened if you'd actually stopped and spent time there :-p

Nice pix!

Sonia said...

Sid: thanks! and yeah, it took me a week cos i let it. I kept sleeping at 3am and waking up late. :P

K: ehh?? the pics here were taken in SPAAAAAIN (where the raaaain falls in the plaaaaaains :P)

K said...

NOOOOO! Pero eso es imposible! :-p