Saturday, January 16, 2010

Livin la vida loca!

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day, someone I've known since 5th grade, one of the few people from that lifetime I'm still in touch with.
We were talking about how it's all turned out so unlike the way we expected life to when we were kids. I was telling her about how other people my age seem to have life so sorted out!
They're doing the job they want, writing books or starting businesses, they're married, having kids or planning to... all around me... I see people with some sort of stability in their lives.

And then there's me. I've no idea what I'll be doing tomorrow even!
That's in my personal life of course. Professionally, my life's been planned out by my company in a business plan that took a week for me to prepare and get an approval of!

I wonder if I should make a similar plan for Life as well! Wonder if I can plan out my life for FY(financial year) 2010!
I can check through the history of last year, evaluate what went wrong and what went right, do a SWOT analysis and figure out what the critical success factors would need to be! Budget planning, market strategies... the works! I could plan out my life for a year!
This is something that I never considered of course, never having planned anything ever before!

Take today for instance! I'd gotten an appointment to get my hair done at 4pm. I ended up lazing around the house (cos it's the weekend! I deserve to laaaaze!), didn't feel like going, and then called to postpone.
I had a vague plan in my head to shop for a dress for the wedding I'm attending in Bombay next week. My friend texts me for something, I text back and next thing you know she's taken me to this store that sells Indian outfits and I'm the owner of a lovvvvvely kurta (to wear for the mehndi!). We then decide to go the MOE and we end up talking till 11:30, sipping on iced teas and eating awesome pasta. She wants to go grocery shopping, and we're walking towards carrefour and see a movie poster.
We decide suddenly that we need to watch a movie! Grocery shopping is forgotten! But we don't like the MOE cinemas, so we go to Dubai Mall to watch Nine. (we're spoilt that way, us dxbians!)
Then we're back on shk zayed road, which I love driving through, esp after midnight, when it's (mostly) clear and we can just cruise along! It was a lovely Friday, even though it wasn't exactly what I'd planned it to be.

My life may be unplanned... and it may not be what everyone else would want for themselves... hell, even I don't like it at times... but at this moment... it feels right.
And this moment counts!
And hell! Even the business plans never turn out the way we plan it!!



Saltwater Blues said...

Oh yeah, I remember that road ... with the big hoarding that reads :)

And the boys (my cousins) used to make fun saying: Our Father Zayed, we art in debt...

Hope you have had a good start to 2010.


Saltwater Blues said...

And you know honestly, both MOE and Dubai Mall are so huge and everything but there was nothing that caught my fancy really!

Or maybe that's just me.

Sonia said...

MoE is totally whatever, there's nothing there. But i luhhve Reel cinemas at Dubai Mall.

Sonia said...

and oh, new year's did not start the way i wanted it to. looks like 2009 is extending it's influence into 2010. *sigh*