Thursday, February 11, 2010

life ho toh aisi!

This is Goofy!
He doesn't like it if you touch him along his spine. He spends most of his time sleeping under the couch or eating.When he's a bit bored, he catches some sun and checks out the view of the ocean from the wall-length window in the living room (as shown in first pic).

He lives in Bombay, completely oblivious to SRK's publicity stunts and the crazy reaction by various political parties to it.


9 comments: - Explore Indian blogs said...

blessed are the ones who don't know what is happening around them. And now we feel we need a thick shell like that to survive :-)

APOO said...

All that is fine, till you figure out that one person he is living with. Its all downhill from there! :P

First Rain said...

Hey .. are thou in Mumbai?

Sonia said... hehe! even that thick shell is not completely impervious to feelings u know!

Apoo: well, he's YOUR best friend! :P

FR: not anymore. i got back on the 26th of jan.

Perakath said...

I loved this post!

Saltwater Blues said...

Isn't it illegal to keep these as pets?

Sonia said...

Perakath: thanks!:o)

SwB: really?! they're available in dxb in most pet shops. dunno abt india though. Goofy belongs to a friend of mine. don't think it's illegal.

Sonia said...

SwB: i just checked, yes it is illegal!

Sid said...

Really nice post.
I thought Goofy would be a dog, but turtles are fine too. Do they croak a lot :)