Friday, October 22, 2010

Life - a blink and it's over.

I've been busy.
I've been going to Abu Dhabi every weekend for the F1 marshal training. Which leaves me exhausted as it's a 150km drive away, and once I get there, I have to stand in the sun for endless hours watching cars whizz by at lightning speed while trying to capture the numbers of the cars and do the usual marshaling thing.
Then there's Gitex . As I work in IT, this is one of our biggest events of the year.

On top of it all, my mum's been nagging me about the whole marriage thing.
I'm 29 years old, and you'd think that the nagging would stop and they'd just let me be. But no. They still try to set me up, still try to "reason with" me and make me " think straight".
Yesterday, mom said that I need to get married to have someone to go to when my parents are not around anymore.
I would put that as Reason#234 from my mom's list of "Reasons to Marry". (and no, love does not figure in the list).

I thought a lot about what she said. About what I'd do when my folks aren't there anymore. Who would be there? I was thinking about what she said about how I don't have anyone.
And earlier this evening, I got a text from S.
Our friend H's dad had passed away.
H, her mom and her sister had left for India just the previous night and today, in the afternoon, while her dad was taking a nap, he died in his sleep.
It was a peaceful death. Her younger brother was the only one in the house at the time, and he called the cops when he failed to wake his dad up. The medics said he'd been dead for 3 hours.

Life is so fleeting. And we waste so much of it doing insignificant tasks and stuff that doesn't really count for anything. But then again, who's to say what is significant and what is not, right?

I wonder now... what have I done that was of any significance? Will I be given the chance to find out? What is to become of me?


Anonymous said...

It's quite simple, actually. You just have to know what YOU want - that's all that matters. And, everything that matters to YOU is significant.

Saaketh said...

ofcourse you'll have us always :)

Kuruppal said...

Compare life to water, water finds its course on its own. It does not confront with anything as long s the flow is smooth. A rock in front, the water moves around the rock and flows. But when water is in a rush, it may move the rock, even split it.

Anonymous said...

Is there anything like real love in this world? Whom do you love the most in your life?