Thursday, May 25, 2006

Dead tired, but alive.

I'm tired.
I had a pretty...err... eventful day.

I had an accident on the Emirates Road.

Now whoever lives in the UAE will know that this road is one of the worst roads ever for anyone to have an accident. The only other road which can compare is the Shk Zayed Rd. The accidents that take place here (in dubai) are so bad that they actually have a dedicated column in the papers called "Crash of the Week" where they write about how many people have died so far this year and show a pic of the worst crash of the week. Most of them take place on these two roads.
That's Dubai for you!
The Land of Accidents.

So I guess I was lucky that nothing serious happened.
It was my mistake, and it was such a stupid mistake that I'm not gonna tell you how it happened. and NO, I was not speeding!
(excuse me a min, this is for the person who knows how it happened. STOP GRINNING!)

ok, where were we?

Ah yes, stuck on the Emirates Rd. I hit this minibus containing a load of men on their way to the airport. They were very sweet about it even though I was such a dumbass.
I kept apologizing and they said "no worries madam, it's ok, it happens..." !!!

I called the cops. They came soon enough and smiled at me ( policemen here are real polite)
"How are you today ?"
me:(smiling and putting on best helpless-weak-woman look) : Not so good officer!
Police: what happened? Are you okay?
Me: I feel so stupid officer, you won't believe what I did. I... ( no. I really won't tell you)
police( grinning and thoroughly enjoying themselves) : oh don't worry, it happens to a lot of people.

My car was kinda damaged though the bus was fine. The radiator broke and there was coolant all over the place.
The police apologized (several times) for having to fine me ( honest!) and they said it was part of the procedure. They were very helpful, they called a tow truck and arranged to have someone come and pick up the car. The bus left. The police stood there awhile, and then I got tired of acting helpless so I told them I'll be fine and they left.

My manager lives close to my place, so he picked me up on his way back and I got home about two and a half hours late feeling extremely tired and drained out.

Standing there waiting for the tow-truck and my manager to come was the most awful part.
Cos this is the highway, nothing but desert on all sides and vehicles zooming by at 140 kmph.
At one point of time, this land cruiser came and stopped a few feet away from me and asked me if I needed help. I just shook my head and prayed that they would just leave! Thankfully, they left. Dubai isn't as safe as it portrays itself to be.

Joe ( my car) is gonna be out of action for a few days.
So my weekend is ruined as well. I've got two tickets to the 101.6 ( local radio station) ka Wild Wadi party tomm night. I have no way to get there and no one to go with anyway.
Sigh! what a sad turn of events!

But seriously though, I'm only thankful that things were so much better than it could have been.

I'm lucky I guess, in a weird sorta way.


peaceguy said...

my sympathies...true, emirates road is damn deadly...if at all u make it to the wild wadi (without me) not forget to try the jumeirah sceirah...

First Rain said...

Arre for the thousandth time be careful with that car of yours !!!! You'll get yourself killed and then all that chocolate excess will go waste :D

And get find someone pronto to take you to that paaarty!

Mad Max said...

hmm..sorry that joe is undergoing surgery right sure he will much better in a few to a party and you have to stay at home huh (even worse is no one to go with) close yet so far...well good luck to you and since you have nothin much to do anywayz, mebbe its a good time to think of a strategy to find "someone" to "take" you to the party...hmm if you can come up with a mechanism to achieve that then you can call ur next post "unintended consequences of the events on Thursday" would be fun to read em...cheerioo and have a great weekend..

Sonia said...

i'm not going to wild wadi, peaceguy. but i've been there are tried all the rides. dunno what they're called though.

FR: i will i will. don't wanna get killed.

Anup: naa, not gonna find anyone. i'm not good at "finding"

n.g. said...

dum di dum di dum dum dum.

maybe a mutant would come and save you? and lift joe with his powers and fix the radiator and all, and give you a peck on the cheek to top it?

but then, you dont like xmen. if only.

*walks away humming dum di dum di dum dum dum*

Lost in trance... said...

cell fone again?

Sonia said...

nish: SHUSH! i thought we'd agreed to diagree on that topic?!

Lost in Trance: nope, not this time.

Rhyncus said...

Just don't get used to all that politeness. :)

AB said...

You are lucky indeed lady! I think I should keep a count of how many accidents Joe's has had;) I think you should get a hunky boyfriend-driver...

peaceguy said...

err...i also said 'my sympathies'...

Bittu's Mamma said...

Take care girl, and thanks for the visit :)

esvee said...

There she goes again..! Another "accident".. this time with a bus full of men :-P

I still remember your blog about an earlier accident at some roundabout...

Take care girl! Now tell us what exactly did happen this time...

Sonia said...

rhyncus: i hope i won't have to! polite of not, these things are EXPENSIVE!

AB: hunky guy or not, at least he should have a sexy car! ( which he'll let me drive!) :D I'll be careful! promise! :o)

peaceguy: I apologize for having ignored your heartfelt sympathies! Thank you kind sir!
Bittu's mamma: i will take care! can't afford not to!

esvee: the people who know can't seem to stop laughing, when i need SYMPATHY! I think some things are better left unsaid.

peaceguy said...

well...but ofcourse...

nishu said...

the events were nothing short of proper weirdness. i kinda feel sorry 4 u take care and drive carefully

Sonia said...

nishu: if u think that was weird, what wud you say if you heard the entire story? and don't be sorry. i've been through worse ( though not as expensive) situations

zombie said...

Babes..thanks fr not leaving this place blank..I mean i jes love reading your blog and am seriously glad u are still writing.

The marriage post 'same old topic' was really really funny!...if it helps I wanna remind u I am 26, not married, nor engaged to be married, had a recent break off, keep shooing away a lot of prspective arranged matches(have fun doin it!) and thoroughly enjoying my single hood!!

Gr8 to hear abt your long as it's keeping you busy..and is paying u well..the rest falls into place on it's own.

Sorry to hear abt Joe ...will send a Get well soon card along with flowers..wishing fr it's speedy recovery.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I was the one who stopped in the LandCruiser, seeing the Rav4 and had an intution that it was Joe. But the evil expression on your face was enough to scare off Drakula himself so I took off. (Small wonder, a 110 dirham fine and a car for surgery, and now that you mention it, a party, your face wouldn't be prettier in the circumstances!)

Sonia said...

anon: liar!