Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Au revoir!

Apparently, I'm going to Pune as well!

Yeah. She (the friend I'm gonna be staying with) called me up to wish me a happy birthday (oh yeah, it was my b'day on the 20th. it deserves a whole diff post altogether, but there's just so much happening!), and tells me she's got this whole Pune trip planned out.
So, of the 9 days I'm gonna be in India, I'm gonna be in Pune for two!

Everyone at work has been telling me about alllllll the millions of places I should go to in Bombay and Pune. Where I can get the best-vada-pao-in-the-world and everything else is all swirling around my head vying for attention. Don't remember any of them other than something that sounded like Catering College?! (I'm sure I got that wrong, the guy who told me has a weird accent.)

I still haven't packed. Although I have finished shopping. (yay!)
It's 5 past midnight. I need to pack before I sleep. And I'm sitting here and blogging!

I will hopefully not be posting from Bombay.

So bye for now.


Thanu said...

have a safe trip

mathew said...

maybe u should try a bike hitch to lonavala.its awesome..!!

indianpeppone said...

hope not to se any posts for the next 9 days..... in other words, have fun!!!! :)

SID said...

It's nice to know that you are finally going ummmmmmmm or since I am in India, ur finally coming.
Anyways Have fun. Both the cities that you are visiting are the best that India has on offer. Rock On!
And yeah some posts on what you did wouldn't be too bad.

n.g. said...

almost. its kirti college. vada pao right next to kirti college is aweseeeommm. there's a catering college too, though i dont know about a vp place nearby. unless the students make it themselves, which is avoidable at best.

AB said...

Have a great trip. Are you going to be in any other city?

KJ said...

belated happy birthday

enjoi urself...



ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

hey dont forget the camera, and dont forget to post.
and the new picture, well it seems my people at the new office do horrible things to bloggers caught blogging while at work.. so . :)
have fun!