Monday, August 14, 2006

Best Invitation Ever!

When I opened my inbox at work on Sunday, I found this mail from my friend at work. He's getting married this Thursday.

Sun… (means listen in Hindi)

Mehendi on Tuesday evening..
Pitti, my place.. on Wednesday
(Somebody please tell me what Pitti is. He went on about some egg fight??!!)
Nikah on Thursday. Around 7 ish- 8.
Reception on Friday.

Be there!

I've never been to a North Indian wedding before! I'm so excited!
Err... he was kidding about the egg fight, right?!


zombie said...

Sounds like fun!!!! I have no idea about the egg fight.

hj said...

pitty is usually the tradition in which you have to put haldi on bride and grooms face hands legs etc, commonly known as haldi ceremony in hindus.. and yes it is messy and some ppl add a little fun to the ceremony with eggs..let us know how it all goes.

SID said...

Have the time of your life.
Seriously North Indian Weddings are more about fun rather than tradition as opposed to the more traditional, conservative south indian wedding. It's a wonderful celebration and you will just love it.
Go have fun!!!

First Rain said...

Yay Yay! A marriage - don't forget to shake a leg, and tease the groom/bride to no end! :D

zombie said...

so how did it go? let us know..a lot of us here wanna know the many eggs on your head?