Sunday, October 15, 2006

My screwed up love life

Last weekend this 21 year old guy asked me out.
He's 6' 2"and HUGE. On one arm there's a scorpion tattoo and the other has a burning cross tattooed on it.
Oh, and he's a chain smoker.

The next day, I got a call from Delhi. It was my ex, the rebound boyfriend. He called me up cos he was watching Godfather III and thought of me!!!
He assures me that it wasn't Al Pacino, but something in the movie made him think of me! (he refused to tell me what exactly)
fyi, I haven't seen the damn movie, I've only watched the first one, I have the DVDs of the 2nd and 3rd, but haven't had the time to watch them. So I dunno what the hell this is about. But he was very sweet and seemed to miss me. So I'm guessing it wasn't one of the muscle bound killers.

Oh, and it doesn't end there.

A few hours ago, my first boyfriend, TC ( The Creep) calls me up cos he's getting married.
He's very christian-god fearing ( acc. to him, christians have a God alll to themselves, and that God is the right one! I'm tryin to figure out what the fuck I saw in him in the first place) , and wanted to ensure that I wouldn't "curse him". Wants my blessings.

So that's an update on my love-life, if anyone's interested.


Anonymous said...

for starters, i'd like to ask u out for a cuppa...

hj said...

no cute guys that you like around?? first thing u need to cut all contacts with the three listed lads..and any ex's i feel and find someone you can flirt with and just feel good to talk with.

its always refreshing to meet new ppl and simply flirt even if you dont mean anything.

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

poor you!
are you really this way, or is it just on the blog? i mean why dont you give the miserable love life a break, n enjoy life for a change?

like maybe go out once with the huge 21 yr old - or maybe a not-so-huge transiting 25 yr old.. (hint hint!!!)


esvee said...


Sonia said...

anon: oh goodie! first a 21 year old retard, then a crazy ex, then a crazier ex-ex, and now an anonymous person!

HJ: they contacted me! and i'm not good at flirting. in fact, i seem to be good at whatever the opposite of flirting is called.

toothless wonder: oh, u coming to dxb then?! cool! i like meeting bloggers (who are not in dxb).
lemme know when u plan on comin and we'll meet up.

esvee: i like your hairdo! :)

hj said...

then maybe ur either on rebound or just cant be bothered. its as easy as just giving an i think u are cute stare to a guy or just pay attention to him when in will come natural but in time.. (dont tell me no cute lads around? in office or elsewhere u met)pick up the phone and just call someone - then leave the rest to them.

AB said...

Why was the 21-yr-old a retard? Poor him:) Did you go out on a date with him?

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

she's gonna go out with me!

Sonia said...

HJ:On, m’I ton no eht dnuober, fi I saw, d’I ylbaborp eb gniees enoemos an!
I just don’t do all the stuff you wrote about.

AB: trust me on this, he's a retard! he had the scorpio tattooed on his arm to impress his girlfriend, whose zodiac is scorpio. but i guess she wasn't all that impressed, cos now it's his EX-girlfriend. i wouldn't date him, not unless i wanted to have him tattoo a lion on his chest! ;o)

toothless wonder: we're meeting once. don't understand why u have to get all excited and yessssss-like. you have no idea what i look like or anything. for all you know, i could be a 55 yr old man! *grin*
and oh, i did mention that you're treating me at the burj al arab right? ;o)

muse said...

Well, Sonia, if you're a 55 yo man, you're a witty & fun to read one! ;-)

Good luck on your dates, I hope you have fun!

godolphin said...

relax yaar..its diwali and EID in chill out and forget all bad memories :)

godolphin said...

err..there was a typo in my prev comm..its "Dubai" instead of 2nd time "Diwali" *sheepish grin*

Sonia said...

Muse: all my dates??!!

godolphin: hmm... Happy Diwali and Eid Mubarak to you! enjoy the hols.

Sonia said...

and also, godolphin: these aren't bad memories, they just happened. like this month!