Friday, October 06, 2006

For those who have loved and lost... their senses!!

I watched woh lamhe yesterday. It was the crapppppppppiest movie ever! (I feel that way, but apparently, there are a lot of nutters who liked it! where's the barf bag!?)

First I was like, wtf! this female can't speak English! Then I was like, wtf! this female can't speak Hindi either! and THEN I realised, the woman just can't act! No idea of how to deliver dialogues, no idea of how to speak with emotion, nothing!

And the guy is just as bad. except he has a killllllller smile. and they make him smile a LOT! Everytime he smiles I turn away and go nononononooo don't smile like that! you're breaking my heart! ( btw, if the guy who was sitting next to me is reading this, well hi there! that was me! sorry about ruining the movie for you, but he does have a killer smile!)

But he's such a bad actor! And with immature crappy dialogues like I order you not to die, I ORDER you, and stuff like if you die I will kill you repeated twice or thrice (again, with no idea of dialogue delivery or emotion) and ooh! if there is no hope, we will INVENT it! (no kidding!) said in a slow, deliberate, absolutely emotionless tone.... who pays these people to make such bad movies?!

HOW is it that there are genuine people out there who are good at acting and good at making movies but idiots like these end up on the screen!?

It's a sad saaaad world!
And not just the movies.


LI said...

Acha , It was you who spoiled my movie , is it . Just kidding . Even I saw teh movie and you are right that it is pathetic

the wise old man said...

Am sure that lot of ppl are out there who wouldnt agree with your views abt shiney ahuja's acting. He was one bright things abt the movie (music, being the other). Watch hazaaron khwahishen aisi. Pretty sure you would change your mind too.

godo said...

btw who is the hero and heroine? songs were good though

Sonia said...

Li: yeah, it sure was.

wise old man: i guess they're all taken in by his killer smile! ;o)
but seriously, did you hear him say "i ORDER you not to die, i ORDER you!" i mean, PUHlease!

godo: songs are fanTAStic! i'm still obsessed with them!

Sidharth said...

My friend actually warned me about the poor dialogue delivery in the film but I was getting a free ticket so I thought, What the Heck!!!!
But I would'nt watch even if they paid me to. A fine example of what Bad Acting is.

hj said...

watch pyaar ke side of the best movies of the season - absolutely superb commedy!