Saturday, November 04, 2006

This post was never meant to be published. I guess I must have hit ctrl s by mistake or something, I only realized it was published when I got comments for it!
It's incomplete.
I haven't mentioned what happened in the end. But I really don't feel like right now. But since it's out here already, I'm gonna let it be.

V and I were on our way to City Centre to catch a movie.
It was around 10. pm.
I was driving on the slow lane.
This crazy idiot on my left wanted to take the service lane on the right and he forced me onto the pavement hard. My tyre burst and the guy just ignored me and drove off.
Creep! I got his license plate number and saved it.

I called the cops but ( you will not believe this, but it's true!) no one answered!!
This is the first time the dxb police has completely disappointed me.

Anyway, there we were, two girls who knew nothing about changing tyres ( gimme a break, I've never done it before and they don't teach you in your driving classes) with a burst tyre on our hands. V called up a friend and he said he'll be with us in 15 mins or so.

This man who was passing by came up and offered to help. He was about 50 or so I guess. He told us he's from Iran. Iranian people are nice!

He changed the tyres for us. It's simple but it's hard work!
We just watched and stood around and talked.

Makes us sound like a couple of paris hiltons I know, but we're not really. We wanted to help, but didn't really know how, and he refused to be helped.

He just finished and said ok, you're done and we thanked him and thanked him and he said it's alright. and he drove off.


godo said...

Suprising @ why dxb police control room didnt answer the call.
and yea Iranians are really helpful.
lol @ paris hilton kinda..hehe

Saltwater Blues said...

tch tch ... and they want to drive cars!

...and you'll should have at least given the nice uncle a kiss ... he'd have given you his number and said, 'call me any time you have a flat tyre, girls' :)

Sonia said...

godo: i know!! the iranian guy said it's probably cos there was a change of shifts and all. they did call me back about half an hour later, but imagine if i was being killed or robbed or something! a callback isn't exactly what i would need then na?!

saltwater blues: he gave his card anyway. :P