Friday, June 22, 2007

Thursday Night

We went to Vu's Bar on Thursday.

Needless to say, the view was absolutely fantastic! It'd been some time since I had been even near anything alcoholic and I got drunk pretty fast (I also blame the altitude), but it was just as well, as it's quite an expensive place!

There were 5 of us, and when we got there we found the place was full and there were no tables free. Also, they didn't have any waiters there, only waitresses.

Soooo... for the first time in my life, I flirted with a girl!
"Haaii! Umm... Do you think you could get us a table for 5 for my friends and me?"
*wiiide smile*
"Oh I'm so sorry ma'am, all the tables are filled right now."
*very small pout* ( with women, I'm thinking you shouldn't overdo the pout, cos they'd get wise to you immediately)
"Aw okayyyy! But could you give me the next free table please"?

Oddly enough, it worked! :D

We got the next free table and we all celebrated with sambucca shots (which had a few coffee beans in it, for some odd reason. Can anyone tell me why?!)
I proceeded to get good and drunk and after a few drunken phone calls I was singing and swaying to the music and in extremely high spirits (pun intended).

Around 1 am, we all got hungry and decided to go to the madinat to get something to eat. Unfortunately, none of the places were open for dinner at the time. So we went to this small Lebanese joint in Karama called Al Reem, and gorged on some delicious cheese and meat manakeesh and I finally stumbled home around 2: 30am.

This is one of the pics I took when I was drunk and up there.

Ok ok, I know you can hardly see anything, but humour me. It's taken on my cell-phone camera and I was very drunk.

Maybe next time I'll get some better pics. :P


n.g. said...

coffee beans are just ornamental.

Sonia said...

n.g.: oh.

Di said...

:D not bad ...u did actually manage to take a non-shaky pic after all... ;)

Supernova said...

mmmm i guess the problem with the pic is lack of lite and not you being drunk.