Sunday, June 17, 2007


Another one to add to my list of “Things I’ve Lost”

My credit card.


Now how did it happen?
I don’t exactly know, but if I had to guess… I’d blame it on my car.

See, when I checked my account history on the website to see if the card was stolen (this was on the 12th of June, *ahem* that was when I realized that I’d lost my card in the first place, till then I always just used my other and assumed that the one I lost was just inside my wallet somewhere) I saw that the last transaction I’d made was on the 5th of June, at ENOC, to buy petrol.

Which means, I paid for the petrol, signed, took my card and (I think I must have) put it on the passenger seat instead of inside my bag (I know I know, I shouldn't have done that) and then the card fell into the Bermuda Triangle that seems to exist somewhere in my car (I’ve lost my lip-gloss and comb to it before).

I think that’s how it happened. But of course, I can never be sure.
I’ve blocked the card and they’re sending me a new one soon enough. So it should be alright I suppose.

Except I know what’s going to happen next.
I'm going to get my new card, and then the old one will turn up.

Murphy’s Law , don’t you know?


K said...

LOL @ Bermuda Triangle...

or the black hole?



radhe said...

back to your blog after what, a year? well.. looks like you are doing good :-) I was in Kerala over the winter and hope to go back again this year for christmas... Keep the good stuff coming!

Sonia said...

K: who is this K now?? i know 2 Ks. One would not hug (cos he's the formal stiff upper-lip types) and the other would comment on her blog id!

radhe: i lost my credit card and you think i'm doing good?! :P

i actually am doin good though :)

Lazith Aziz said...

hehehehahahah I got your card!

after quite some time here..good to read though!

Lazith Aziz said...


I got your card!

want it ? better pay for it.!

hey ! I am here after quite some time !
hmm nice to come back and read all these

I keep peeping in...

U r crazy! thats what I will say!

Enjoy ur time in swantham naadu...beware of all those dengue bites! Else instead of all what u lost u mite take something back from here...hehehehahahah

CM-Chap said...

Ha Ha.. wonderful writeup.. I guess this is effect of having too many credit cards.

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

every few days, i look everywhere for my glasses, which i finally find on my nose.
it's either that i have alchiemers or maybe there's a bermuda triangle on my nose.. who'd know..

Anonymous said...

even i had faced smething similar.. but i was in my friends car And it was there under the seat.. :) ..i searched a lot.

Dont worry(if u r worried :)) .
you will get it back..

Sonia said...

Aziz: i've been back from kerala for quite some time now. and dengue fever or anything. :)

cm-chap: i don't have too many credit cards. i have only two. and this is not by choice. the bank just gives two when you apply. banks are weird that way!

toothless wonder: bermuda triangle on the nose! that's new! :P

anon: hey, i'm not worried at all. i got the new card and the old one was blocked. so no biggie. :)