Friday, August 17, 2007

My sister has gone to India for "higher" studies. My mother has gone with her.

They were supposed to come here to visit on the 24th this month as she's got her Onam holidays.

I was talking to her last week... Chech, when you come to pick me up at the airport, could you please get me a shawarma from that Lebanese place we used to go to?

I got a call at 4:30 am today. I was sleeping of course. When I talked to her, she was crying.

My stomach hurts Chech. I don't know what to do. It's hurting so bad!

I called my uncle immediately and he said he'll take care of it.
I called sis again and spoke to her to calm her down till my uncle came. He lives on the 2nd floor and my mum and sis on the 3rd of the same apartment complex, so he came in about 5 mins.

They ( sis, uncle and my mother) went to the hospital and the doc said she's got appendicitis. They took her into surgery and she's in post-op now. She's fine. Sleeping.

I talked to her before they took her into surgery. It wasn't hurting anymore cos they'd given her pain-killers I guess.
She was chirpy and feeling all important cos everyone was fussing around her.
I guess she felt even more so when I said I was going to fly down to see her.

No Chech! I'm fine. Don't come, I'll see you on Friday anyway.

She got off the phone and my uncle called about 5 mins later. She can't come. She isn't allowed to travel for about 10 days after they take the stitches off and after that her Onam vacation gets over and she'll have to go back to college.

The original plan was for me to go back with my sis and mum to Kerala for about 2 weeks. So I've already taken leave for September and I'll be seeing her anyway.

But I want to go now. And see her and be with her.
But for various reasons, I'm not going. And if you look at it 'logically', I suppose it's not necessary.
But I miss her terribly. And I feel helpless and useless.

And now... for the first time... I understand why parents worry about their kids being alone in the world.


Rahul Rad said...

I guess that is one step towards the "maturity" that our parents lecture about all the time... I sometimes feel I know what it is like, but some other times I feel like I don't. I guess it is a gift really, to know it early enough!!!
Also, I hope your sister is well soon!!!

First Rain said...

Oh hugs hugs hugs! Hope she gets well soon.

Good to know everybody is ok. :) How are you doing?

mayenfeld said...

I have a younger sister too so I can relate to your least, she is doing better so be comforted by that thought.

Sue said...

Is she much younger than you?

Funnily enough, before I became a mother I used to worry over my husband like that. I think it drove him up the wall, but he was (mostly) very nice about it.

Sonia said...

Rahul:hell, i don't know about maturity! i just think it's love. And not that I'm gonna force her to get hitched just so that she will have someone to take care of her, that's something she'll have to learn on her own. I'm just praying that she does.

F"R: I'm fine, sis is fine, she came to dxb. and she went back and now she's back in school too. So it's all good! :o)

mayenfeld: yup.

Sue: 7 years younger! :o)