Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Life update (minus juicy details)

I've just returned from a trip to Kerala.
I'd gone to get some ayurvedic treatment done for my shoulders and neck. They've been hurting for a while now ( doc says cos I'm using the computer too much, but I'm in bloody I.T! How can I not use the pc?!)

The treatment did not go well unfortunately.
I don't wanna go into details, the pain is still there and I'm looking around for some good yoga classes in dubai, so if anyone knows of anyplace good, lemme know please! (and don't gimme some place in freakin Jumeirah or wherever, cos doc says I shouldn't drive too much either!)

I'm dead tired. My mum is in India with my sis now and it's just me and my dad.
And my dad is not the best of cooks, although he isn't the worst, I gotta admit! But he can eat the SAME thing for weeks without tiring of it, which I cannot do! (and the weirdest combinations too! I mean, who the heck has bread and aviyal??! For breakfast?!!)

Plus,my dad doesn't like the kinda stuff that I cook, cos I know how to cook more north Indian stuff than south Indian ( as my roomies in delhi were the ones who first taught me how to cook). So this time when I went to Kerala, I wrote down a bunch of mallu recipes with clear, precise instructions from mum (add 2tsp garam masala beta, that's the one in the dabba with the purple lid) and tried a few things in India and even taught my mum how to make northy stuff.

Also met with an old friend from college, whose three and a half year old daugther fell in love with me! ( How could she not?I'm so lovable na! ;o) )

So all in all, except for the botched-up Auyrvedic treatment, the trip was quite fun!

Anyway, back to cooking.
The thing is, cooking is a whole lot easier when you're not hungry and tired as hell and all you really wanna do is just jump into bed and sleep till midday. (from midnight of course, in case you're the anal type.)

but I came back from work and cooked! And even though I only made dal-chawal (too tired to make southy stuff, they're way too complicated) I was so tired that I didn't have the energy to eat it. (could be bcos I spilled water and then had to clean up the damn kitchen as well, but whatever!)

So I heated some milk, added a little sugar and a stick of cinnamon to it, and that was dinner.
It tasted reaaaal nice btw.

And now I feel nice and warm and sleepy. So I'm gonna go to bed.
Update complete!


First Rain said...

:O Absolutely insist on the juicy details now! ;) Hope the pain gets better.

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

yeah. jucy details pliss..
I have a home remedy: B-E-E-R!

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