Saturday, February 16, 2008

Feb 14th

I went to work.
Got wished Happy Valentines by a bunch of people, and I wished them back.
Saw the smug expressions on the faces of the coupled people and the defensive single-but-I'm-happy-the-way-i-am expressions on the others.

It's sad when a lot of couples take this day as an oppurtunity to show how much love they have in their lives to others than to really express it to each other. It's more of a Ooh! Look at me, I'm not alone thing. There's so much pressure to be with someone.

It's ridiculous really. Cos it's only another day, and one really shouldn't be bothered about being alone on that day if they're not bothered about it any other day.
Obviously, that's easier said than done.

I was invited to a party. Valentines Day party. Filled with couples. There were just one other girl apart from myself who was single. And she brought along two of her girlfriends who were married but were on a vacation to Dubai. There were silly games to play and when asked how they felt today, they waxed eloquent about how much they missed their husbands and how everyone else was so much in love and how wonderful it is to see all that.
If they missed their husbands so much, then why did they decide to leave them on Valentines Day, catch a plane, and take off to another country and speak to a bunch of strangers about how much they love their husbands and miss them?

I mean, what is that?!

I didn't expect to enjoy the party really, but I did, and I won a camera (a canon powershot a530) cos they liked my answer when they asked me what I wanted in life.
I told them I wanted to travel. Not that great an answer I know.
I guess they were more convinced of my answer than any of the other bullshit than they heard that day.

So anyway, now I have two cameras! ( I have a canon ixus 950is of my own) :D


Saltwater Blues said...

... you reckon you might want to donate the A530 to a poor photography crazy blogger ;)

Sonia said...

suuure! in exchange for money! :P