Saturday, March 08, 2008

Damn pain in the neck!

No chocolates or doughnuts or coffee with cream (wonder if I can have coffee! Ok, I won't even try to find out!) or cheese or cheesecake (gulp!) or labneh or ice cream or umm ali or paneer or cookies or mayonaisse or anything that tastes good!

*anguished scream*

My ayurvedic doctor ( who is a scary scary man) has ordered me off meat (which is ok) and dairy products( which is not ok!) "indefinitely" to cure me of my neck pain.



AB said...

Aww my baby so it is this what you were referring to! What kind of a neck pain is this eh? Which requires you to forgo the above mentioned?

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

when i quit milk, i made beer the full-time drink.
it has teh same number of vitamins, you know. :))

AB said...

You lucky donkey! You won a camera on V-day and never mentioned it!

Sonia said...

Ab: *sniff* it's too painful to talk abt even!

Toothless: i don't drink milk,BUT I LOVE CHEEEEESE! :((

And you actually think I'd be able to take alcohol when I can't have meat and dairy?! pfft!