Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Little Things in Life.

I was arguing with a friend of mine....

He: You're wrong.
Me: No I'm not. You're wrong.
He: Oh yeah?! Well, you were the one who said ____ and then I said ___ and soooo... I'm right and you are WRONG!
Me: ...
Me: Fine! You're right! Happy?!
He(triumphant): Oh yeahhh! I'm real happy!
Me: Pfft! It sure doesn't take much to make you happy!
He:Yup! I'm the kinda guy whe becomes happy with the little things in life.
Me(evil grin): Oh yeah? So tell me, how little is your Thing? :P


Moral of the story: Never argue with a woman, even when you're right, you'll lose. One way or the other.


sandeep said...

isnt this called an under the belt comment? I hate women ... sigh!

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

i totally agree - by the chimpanzee's arse that is red -
Never even think about arguing with a tipsy woman!
The woman tells me she'll cut my nipples off, and that a man's nipples bleed worse than the jugular vein. (the bar went silent at that)

Sonia said...

Sandeep: I'm glad that the guy mentioned in the post has a better sense of humour and took it the right way.
And Btw, no one "hates" women. Especially men who say they do. :P

Toothless: Whoa! Lol. Someone said that?! what the heck were you guys arguing about?!

K said...

THAT is the moral of your story? Ever heard of a song called Twisted Logic? I think not! :-P

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

LOL. you dont want to know!!
we were in the pool earlier in the day, when all of us were floating on our backs. i would tip over to my right after a while all the time.
Now this girl announces that it is because a man's right testicle is heavier than the left one.
i objected, and the former comment was from that.
don't blame me - it was you who asked. :)

Sonia said...

K: Pffft! :P

Toothless wonder: now *that* is twisted logic! You should introduce these women to K.

Niyara - Asian Rocxs said...

Hehe that's great! Go you!

zombie said...

Ha ha..this was funny! BTW did he finally tell u how little ? :)