Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lumpy Ride

I have had this lump behind my ear for a while now and when I first went to the doctor about it, they told me it was an inflamed lymph node.
But then it has started hurting and the meds did not reduce the lump or the pain.
I went to a specialist and that doc said it’s a sebaceous cyst.
Sebaceous glands usually secrete some kinda oil which is required for the body, and mine has kinda OD-ed on something and is creating a lot more than necessary, which results in the lump behind my ear. So basically, I have a largish pimple, under my skin.

Doc says I have to have it surgically removed. It’s a small procedure which only involves local anesthesia, and he said that there’s nothing to worry about. I can actually go back home in an hour. So, that’s what I'm gonna do. I went to the doc this morning and now I'm waiting for my insurance company to approve the surgery. Then the hospital will give me a call and let me know when it can be done. My parents are here with me at the moment and my mum says she’s not gonna leave till after the surgery. So I won’t be alone while it happens, which is a relief, even though she’s gonna molly-coddle me like I'm dying or something!

The only thing I'm actually worried about is my trip to Bombay! *grin*
I'm supposed to go to Bombay on the 11th for work and then I planned on taking some time off to be with friends, and now I have my doubts about that happening.

So, please pray for me! Pray that the surgery goes well and that I'm fit and fine in time to go for my break! :D

Anyway, take care of your health everyone!


esvee said...

is this what they mean by "getting under the skin"? Take care..And of course my prayers are with you.... for that break thing :)

Saltwater Blues said...

you're such a baby, S! this aint no damn surgery, just a tiny little procedure! You'll be fine.
But I hope it's not one of them Egyptian doctors operating on you, in which case... hmmm, you may not be so fine :)


Sonia said...

esvee: :P i guess this is what getting under the skin is huh! thanks for your prayers! :)

SWB: Hmph! i'm not a baby! I'm not I'm not I'm not! :P

And yeah, i know it's nothing (hopefully, will know after they do the biopsy), I'm only worried about my vacation. :D

First Rain said...

You'll be fine! And have a great vacation too. :)

K said...

If you don't make it to Bombay on the 11th, you'll have more than just a bump behind the ear! ;-)


Lydia said...

Have a great vacation! Take lots of photos!!

(Sorry about the zit... it sounds painful, icky, etc... but you'll be good as new soon.)