Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ok, I have trust issues... WITH GOOD REASON!

I haaaaaate hospitals! Absolutely despise them!

What I hate so much is the helplessness of it all. And the way you have absolutely no control over anything. You just pray to God and leave yourself to the mercy of some stupid people who are only out to make money out of your illness.

I mean, the doc said the lump was just a small sebaceous cyst and I could go home in an hour. I got there at 10 am, for a "procedure" that was scheduled for 11am. They first put some white goop on the lump and made me wait for a few mins. I was in the emergency room on the ground floor and I was asked to follow a nurse to the second floor where they had a hallway indicating rooms as "regular", "VIP"and "VVIP"!! Can you believe they actually name them that?!

They put me in a regular room of course.
The thing is, I never asked for a room and there was really no need for one. But cos I'm covered by insurance, they try to charge you for everything possible.

I was given a hospital robe to wear and they injected a test dose of anesthetic (which hurt like hell!) and I had to wait till 11: 45 till I was wheeled out (yes, wheeled out, they forced me on a wheelchair) back to the ground floor where the OT was.

Inside the OT there was another room where they again made me wait till about 12:30pm.
The doc was not in the picture the whole time of course. I had to deal with one unpleasant nurse after another and the wheelchair made me feel extremely angry, that and the damn hospital gown. Bloody hell! Hospitals should make you feel better, not worse! And I feel making someone wear a piece of cloth held together by bits of velcro and wheeling them when they are perfectly capable of walking is just a way of making them feel more helpless and vulnerble!

They started the surgery by giving me 4 injections of local anesthetic behind my ear, which hurt quite a bit, but was bearable. Then when I was all numbed out, the doc started with the whole thing of removing the lump. Halfway through the thing, I suddenly felt this sharp shooting pain from my ear all the way down to my elbow! I went Aahhhhhhh! and they all freaked out and jumped out of their skin and I screamed It's hurttttinnggggg! WHYYYY is it hurting? It's not supposed to hurtttt! The doc said "Err... I hit a nerve. Tell me if it hurts again, ok?" The rest of the surgery was spent in anticipation of the pain returning!

After the thing was over, the doc said "You gave us a scare!"
Excuse me?! I gave you a scare?! The idiot!

Anyway... the good doc now says that the lump does not seem to be a sebaceous cyst, he thinks it might be an infected lymph node! And that he'll know for sure after the biopsy.

So obviously, now I'm all freaked out again.
Although of course, the good doc says there's "nothing to worry about at all!"


Lydia said...

I'm so sorry about the drama and pain.

I would trust the doc on one thing "It's nothing to worry about"... just a huge inconvenience.

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

aww poor thing you..
i do not use the word very often, but I absoltely HATE hospitals.
But dont you worry - you gonna be just fine, and you're gonna have that fun trp to Bombay! (I'm jealous, alright!)