Sunday, May 11, 2008

Too many things... Not enough time... AAHHH!

Okay then!

I've been busy busy busy!

After my surgery I was in bed for a week cos of a nasty viral infection (doc reckons I must've picked it up from the hospital when I was there for surgery!!). I've been through 2 doses of anti biotics already and the doc seems to think I need a third. I'm pretty certain these crazy docs probably have targets and OTE's to contend with!


Anyway... my sis left (did I mention she was here for a month) and I had to drop her off to the airport thrice! The first time round, Emirates told us they were overbooked and if she could kindly take the next day's flight (same time, same flight, next day) then they were willing to compensate by giving a free round trip ticket from India to Dubai for her trouble. So she took it. And we went back home.

The next day, we went to the airport again, only to find out that the ticket issued was for the afternoon flight! So went back again. The next day, she finally managed to leave! I was with her while she was checking in, and my nutty sis handed over ALL of the tickets she had on hand instead of just the relevant one. The woman at the counter took a look at all the tickets...

Counter Lady: You had a flight yesterday?
Sis: Yeah, we missed that one.
Counter Lady: And you had one the day before as well?!
Me: Yeah, we didn't go on that one either.

Me: Yeah, we're not very smart.

Thankfully, the lady thought we were cute, and she let us through, even though we had excess baggage.
See! Having a corny sense of humour works!


Ok, I'm upset about this one.

I sold my car!

I'm relieved though, cos it was just costing me too much to maintain it and it needed too many repairs and all. So anyway... I sold it. Now I have no car... and a bitch of a rent-a-car bill!



Oh, I'm going to be in Bombay from the 12th! :D
I hope to meet some super-duper bollywood heroes while I'm out there ! *fingers crossed*
Plus, of course, my friends.

I usually start sneezing the second I land in India and the damn cold lasts me till I step back into Dxb airport.
I'm hoping that the anti-histamines I have will help avoid this problem. I don't wanna walk around with red nose and have people call me Rudolph ( they always have the same damn joke!)


Hope everyone else has a fantastic rest of the month! ( and I hope I do too!)


KJ said...

so did u meet any super duper bollywood heroes?

if u wanna meet a filmy heroine, come to ADH n meet my diva.. :P

totally filmy she has become!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great time!

n.g. said...

surgery? did they finally find out what was wrong with your brain?

Sonia said...

KJ: met a lot of aspiring ones. :o)

and yes of courrrse, I'd love to meet your lil "kareene Kapoor" again! :D

Anon: I did! :o)

NG: hmph! I had a tumour. They had a really weird name for it (don't remember what). but apparently it's verrrrry rare and they're never seen anything like it but it was completely benign and it's been completely removed.