Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sense and Nonsense

So I'm at Festival City's canal walk with a friend. I ask her to take my picture. I sit at the edge and she takes my picture. We walk back indoors, walk all the way back to the Ikea section of the place, and I realize that I've left my cellphone back there at the canal walk, when my pic was being taken.

We walk back to the place and find 2 security officers standing there and there's this other random guy, who's sitting on a bench, enjoying the sun.

My phone is not there.

I cried out "Oh no! It's not here!" and the man on the bench asked me "Did you lose your cell phone?"
"Yes yes!"

He pointed at the security guards.

We went upto them, one male, one female.
"Excuse me, I've left my cell phone right there, do you have it with you? It's a Nokia phone. Bronze and black. "

The lady guard takes my phone out of her pocket.
I know it's mine, cos well, what are the chances of someone else leaving the SAME model of the phone at the SAME place at the SAME time?

But to prove it to her, I asked my friend to give me a call. She started dialling the number, and the lady guard stopped her and told "No, I'll give a call from MY phone.
We're like ... ok! Whatever!

I give her my number, and for whatever reason, she can't call me. The other guard and my friend, both try sperately, and the phone starts ringing.
But the woman, is not convinced.

"There's something wrong with this number. Why is it only 10 digits?"

I was so shocked! Hellllo! What freak country is she in?!
I didn't, but I did get very irritated.
Standing out in the heat brings out the worst in me anyway.

I said "Excuse me, I don't know what you're talking about, I don't know why it's not working when you call from your phone, maybe you're not dialing it right, or there's something wrong with the connection, but my friend here has called the number and so has the other guard and it's ringing, so I think we've established the fact that the number I have given, does indeed, belong to the phone in your hand. So I don't understand what you're waiting for."

By this time the other random guy on the bench had also come up and dialled my number, which was being repeated so many times that anyone would have remembered it by-heart by then.
Still, she refused to give me the phone on the grounds that it wasn't going through from her number and kept repeating that the number didn't seem right, cos it was only 10 digits.

The male guard apologized, and asked her to give the phone to me.
She finally gave the phone, and she said "Don't become angry. This is my job, to ensure that it is your phone."


What the hell happened to common sense?


GhostOfTomJoad said...

Come on...she was only doing her job :-)

Tintin said...

ha...ha...haaa..funny and i quite understand how irritated u mst hv been.. :)

Mez said...

Dint u know common sense is so uncommon that u gotta keep provin provin..hell

Sonia said...

K: Grrrrr!

Tintin: you have no idea!

Mez: tell me about it!