Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yes, I'm 27.

I don't believe in having my own birthday party.
I love birthdays and organizing birthday parties for others, and I always wish someone would do that for me too!

Of course, there's nothing wrong with organizing your own party. I admire people who have the kind of friends circle to do be able to do that. Or the kind that don't care and invite everyone over! Me, I would feel conscious about inviting people over.
It's silly maybe, but that's how I am.

So every year, I do nothing.

Today, again, I did nothing. I went to work, some guy at work had saved the date on his calender, so he wished me and proceeded to tell everyone at work that it was my birthday.

I got a catty reply from one guy "Oh! It's your birthday today?! Well, see, usually you get flowers, so that's why I didn't realize."

Oh, and I also had this other guy telling me "Hope this is your last birthday as a spinster!"

What is with men being so bitchy?!

After work, I went home, had my dinner (I'd made pulao) and I was watching a movie when my friend called up.

She said "Open your door!"

She and her husband had come with a little cake!
For me!

She didn't have candles, so we had to make do with matches!
We lit a match, stuck it in the middle of the cake, they started singing, I cut the cake and she yells "What are you doin?! You gotta blow out the match first!"

"Oh right! I forgot!"
It'd been so long since I'd cut a birthday cake!

We ate the cake, and she ate my pulao, which she loved, and we talked and laughed for a while.

What she did ... it was the sweetest thing! :o)


Rahul said...

happy birthday! The surprise party sounded like a lot of fun indeed...

First Rain said...

Cheers Hun! Hope you had a good year and that you have all better ones ahead. Hugs and Happy Birthday.

Tintin said...

happy belated bday...sonia...hope u get many more happy surprises on days to come...cheers

Sonia said...

Rahul: Thanks Rahul! And yes, it was really sweet!

FR: I actually did have a good year! :D Thanks! and *hugs* back!

Tintin: :D I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Chriz said...

happy birthday.. birthdays are always special.. but they keep on reminding us that we are getting older... come to my blog and have a lighter time

Anonymous said...

Belated Happy B'Day

GhostOfTomJoad said...

The cake...I'm interested in the cake. You're not the type that cakes talk to, are you? :-p

Sonia said...

Peaceguy: you don't have to apologize! :) and thanks!

K: And are YOU the type that cars and shirts and shoes and whatnot talk to? :P

Sonia said...

Chriz: Oh I don't mind getting older really :)

GhostOfTomJoad said...

Me? Naah! No way!! You think I'm I'm crazy? :-p

Mez said...

I would love to have such frdz who surprise me like that. wow!

sulagna chatterjee said...

heyiii i guess your birthday is round the corner this year :) read the birthday blog :) liked it...makes you kind of smile n get nostalgic..happy birthday in adavnce.