Saturday, September 20, 2008

Definitely, Maybe- a personal review

*Spoiler Warning*
(Also, it'll make more sense if you read this after you've watched the movie)

I identified with April from her very first scene. When she says "Why does one have to be a Democrat or a Republican? I'm struggling with the copy machine! I am nothing. Why am I obligated to be something? Why do I have to have an opinion about everything anyway?"

I've felt that way for ages.

I didn't realize she was one of the central characters in the movie. Or that she would be "the one". This is cos I try to avoid knowing anything about a movie before I watch it. That way the story unravels in front of me. So I thought she was one of the side-characters.

There's this scene where he asks her what she wants to do with her life ("What do you wanna be when you grow up?") and she says ...

Oh! I don't know! I don't know how to know! You know?
You know what I really wanna do is I wanna go to all those places I know nothing about.

Travel makes sense to me. Seeing the world, understanding a little bit about People, who we are, what we were, what we've done with this earth in our time to, how do you say... personalize it a little bit. I like to know all that.

I didn't like the first girlfriend, the college sweetheart, at all. And I was kinda disappointed that she was the mother, cos really, that woman had no balls whatsoever. She was scared by her boyfriend's ambitions and wanted out before she got sucked into his "dreams". And instead of doing the dignified thing and telling him she wanted out, she slept with his roommate!

And the daugther, she was cool. She had the balls to confront her dad and force him to look at himself and make him realize that he was unhappy and needed to do something about it. So I thought the mother would be Rachel Weisz, whose chracter is a real go-getter when it came to such things (the first time she met Will, as he was leaving her house, she ran upto him and kissed him. Sorry, I was curious, was her excuse!

I didn't like Ryan Philips as the hero too much. They should've gotten someone more convincing. The only scene he was convincing in was the one in which he was drunk. Every other scene, he looked like creep-trying-to-act-nice types. Dunno why. Maybe he's just not a good actor.

But I liked the movie! It was good, everyone other than the lead guy acted very well. :P

And there was this line in the movie that is an inscription on a book -

With love and hope and dreams of second chances


I like that the name they chose is Alice. Like Alice in Wonderland.
Cos really.... love? hope? second chances?
She's gotta be in Wonderland!

Ok, sorry! That was the cynical me speaking!
But really, I like the movie. So I can't be that bad a cynic as I make myself out to be!
Right? :o)

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