Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm leaaaaving on a jet plane! (again!)

I've had two new visas on my passport this year.

The first was the Omani visa, for when I went to Salalah.
And now, I'm on my way to Turkey for a short break!

I'm so excited! Ever since I got my visa, I can't waiiiit to get on the plane and just take off!

In spite of my passion for travel, I really haven't travelled much.
And inshallah, this is just the beginning!


GhostOfTomJoad said...

You're going to TURKEY? :-/ haven't you seen Net 2? ;-)

Maddy said...

the turkey part of your blog caught my attention - going as a tourist?? enjoy your stay - i lived there for 5.5 yeras!! great place istanbul!!

Sonia said...

K: pfft!

maddy: oooh! cool! You should tell me all the local haunts then!

Saltwater Blues said...

We want to see lots of fotos ok! ...I hear Turkish dames r blurdy gorgeous!

have fun ... mwahh mwahh!