Thursday, October 23, 2008

Week Update

I’ve been busy with Gitex (it’s an IT exhibition of sorts that happens here), which basically involves attending a lot of stressful meetings with my clients whom I otherwise do not meet.

This week, today was the ONLY day I went to the office. (tomorrow is the weekend! Yay!)
On Sun and Mon I had to go for Gitex, on Tuesday I was at the Shangri-la, attending a conference where I met this French guy from the vendor’s side who was like, totally into me! But I have this rule of “not mixing business and pleasure” , so I let it be. *grin*

On Wednesday, I went to ski dubai (again for work! It was a vendor event and I had to go! *sigh* the things I gotta do for work! :P)
It was a lotta fun, although I’ve never skied before, on real or artificial slopes. I didn’t fall down while on the slopes, but I somehow managed to fall while I was just standing around talking to people! Don’t ask me how!
I also had some trouble learning how to stop. So there was this one time I was coming down the slope where I just screamed *somebody tell me how to stop this thiiiiiiiiing* and crashed into this huuuge plastic ball they had kept there (which probably means there are more people like me doesn’t it?) and bounced back and just fell down flat on the ground. Everybody had a good laugh. Including me. (but it hurrrrts today!)

But that wasn’t half as funny as the guy who somehow managed to turn himself around while coming down the slopes, so he was sliding downhill backwards, and to top it off he tried to stop himself with his hands, so he was bent down trying frantically to get a grip of the snow! Him coming butt-first was the funniest thing I’d seen for a looong time! Lol! Just thinking about it is cracking me up again!

Oh, and I had gone to the desert last weekend for some desert driving with friends, and I drove a hummer for the first time. Not that impressive really. But I guess it’s something to talk abt eh!

This weekend, I have a LOT of work to get done (part of the personal learning process they have at work). I have a presentation on Sunday, so I need to prepare for that.

Busy busy busy is my life these days!
And I'm thankful for it! As they say over here... masha allah!


GhostOfTomJoad said...

Aww, how sad about the French guy? You poor thing! But, fret not...who knows, maybe you'll run into a German guy next :-p

Sonia said...

The German dude... he's got a kid and he's married. in that order.

So no thank you! :P

kashmirihindu said...



Tintin said...

Hi...long time no news?? where hv u been??

Tintin said...

Hi...long time no news?? where hv u been??

Sonia said...

tintin: i have tooooo much to say. and not enough time to say it all! :o)