Thursday, November 27, 2008

What is wrong with the world?!!

As you can see, we’re not a rich country. Not monetarily anyway.
Other countries have bullet-proof vests and shields and helicopter and AK47s and whatnot.
Our police officers have nothing but their uniforms, rifles and their puny helmets to defend and protect themselves while they rush in headlong to their fight against terror.

These terrorist attacks are absolutely heart-breaking.
There’s nothing one can do, you feel helpless. And slightly guilty for living the life that you do.

Here I was, organizing a bachelorette party for my friend, my only woe being that I can’t find a stripper in Dubai.
And then my friend IMs the link to Times of India and my whole perspective changes.

I was there in May!

I took pictures of the same places that are now in ruins.

I was at Colaba. I walked by the Taj, took pictures. I went to Leo’s several times, by myself and with friends. I was staying at the Y. I was walking on Nariman Point. I was happy.

It’s easy to blame the police, the border guards, the security forces….
We place the blame on everyone we can, hoping it will lessen our pain and guilt.

What are these people thinking? What do they believe in that makes them rush into places and shoot randomly at people? What do they think they are achieving by doing this?



Joe said...

sigh, the helplessness is worse than the incident itself isnt it?

this is why alcohol is such a blessing. :)

GhostOfTomJoad said...

Whatever is wrong with us is what is wrong with the world.