Saturday, October 24, 2009

Book-lover's spat!

You know that thing about those mills and boons books that everyone seems to like?
People like to read it cos there's always a happy ending?
I can't read them!
They're completely unoriginal (which is a sort of a given) and so boring!
I know how it's going to end, so I have no patience for the soppy heroine who's wondering if she'll have her "happily ever after". I can't empathize. And it's not even like a good chick-flick movie where there's some comedy or at least a good pair of shoes to lust after, if nothing else!
Give me a Walk in the Woods with Bill Bryson anyday(hilaaaarious!).

Why am I talking about this suddenly?
I went to the Magrudy's warehouse sale yesterday, a half hour before it closed, and was frantically looking around for books and ended up with 2 lonely planets (for 5bucks a piece! :D ) and 3 other random books, out of which one is a chick-lit that somehow irritates me no end!
Chick-lits aren't as bad as Mills and Boons. They're usually quite funny. But this one is just buggin! I feel like telling the author to just GROW UP, live a little, get some real problems, then maybe attempt to write!

Anyway...maybe it's just me! So I'm gonna dump this book! ASAP! So if anyone sees a brand-new Mrs.zhivago of Queen's Park just lying around a coffee-shop or something... you're welcome to it!

I'm off to the sale again today, I'm going to get a few more lonely planets and see what else I can scavenge!


Reflections said...

Didnt read abt the sale anywhere. Thanks for the tip:-)

Sonia said...

:) They send the invite to members.

Saltwater Blues said...

Hey how u doin Sonia kutty? Will be in DXB Nov 20 btw. If nothing bludy comes in the way!

Sonia said...

oh cool! lemme know when you're and we could probably meet up on the 20th or 21st (i will be traveling from the 26th till the 10th of dec) :)

K said...

Hey! So, which Lonely Planets did you get? Current editions?

And, remember what you're supposed to get for me from Lebanon! Two, at least!!

Rash said...

lucky woman. and as fr telling the author to grow up, get some real problems and write...I do get that feeling sometimes. Let it loose somewhere for bookcrossing :)

AB said...

Erm I think I can read MBs even when I am 80. Though I haven't got aroudn to picking them. But I do not like the new ones. I like those old 'romance' category of MBs:P

Anyway, I am a sucker for chick lits also predictably. Got two as gift the other day:-) Historical romances!

Sonia said...

AB: you'd have gone nutttts at his sale then!
i bought SEVENTEEN books (for 5 bucks a piece!). :D

AB said...

Eeeeeks! Kill me!:O