Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lunch on a hot Saturday afternoon

Slices of freshly baked, warm whole grain bread, two leaves of cold, crisp & crunchy iceberg lettuce, a dollop of garlic and herb cheese spread, a slice of smoked turkey breast folded into halves as it's too big to fit into the bread, and to liven things up a bit, a dash of extra-hot peri-peri sauce... washed down the sandwich with a tall glass of cold coffee (fresh milk, ice, coffee and brown sugar - blend for 3 mins). For dessert, a mango, cold and juicy.

The small things in life are quite underrated don't you think?


AB said...

Oh but the joy they bring are not!:)

Bini said...

Ahh..Pani Puri and a glass of Sugar Cane juice does the same to me:)