Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just chill!

I leave for Delhi tonight.
It's just for the weekend and I'll be back on Sunday night.

I feel more relaxed and less unconcerned about my birthday than I usually feel.
I've already had my party and it feels like the birthday is done and over with.

Oh, and the party was so fun! It was a surprise party, we were all playing charades- 3 word sentence, first two words were happy birthday, with the third word (my name) they brought in cake and balloons and started singing the birthday song. :D

And then we inhaled the helium from the balloons and started singing in funny voices!
You should see the videos! lol!

So yeah... I'm more chilled out this year.
I'm looking forward to meeting my Delhi-friends, eating the awesome dilli-food and shoppppppping!

So birthday or not... I'm just gonna have fun!


RB said...

Hmm what kind of work do you do

Sonia said...

RB: :o) Why?