Saturday, January 08, 2011

Random Saturdays

I'm always on the search for new experiences, new people to meet and things to do.
I'm interested by people, humanity, the way we are, so to speak.

I've joined this group called Volunteer in Dubai, and they do a bunch of different things to help make lives better for different people. They organize clean-ups, meetings for autism awareness etc.

So today, I'm off to help clean up the animal shelter.
I've been warned that there are quite a few "very friendly dogs" roaming around freely at the place. And I love dogs! I think I'm more excited about meeting the dogs than the people this time!

At least with dogs, you know exactly what they're thinking!


On a different note, I've decided that I'm going to give up on smileys when writing.
I'm going to try and express my emotions the old-fashioned way, with words!
I find myself constantly using lukewarm language and substituting smileys to represent what I'm actually feeling, and while this is okay in chat (where tone is impossible to explain and emoticons are required) in prose it should be different. Newspapers and magazines don't have smileys in their articles!

And if I hope to be in that field of work, I should work on improving my skills as well right?

So there!

Oops, I think something's burning in the kitchen!


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