Wednesday, January 05, 2011

So yeah... I've rearranged my resolutions a bit.

Career comes first. So I'm working on getting a job in a field I'm more interested in.
Then I'll work on saving money and changing house.

Practicality brings me down from my lofty castles in the air I suppose.
But I'm not giving up on anything, they're still plans that I give myself a year to bring to fruition.

I'll also start another travel-blog, with my real name, and maybe more pictures of the places I've been to. This is my bid to get closer to the job I actually want. This way, I'll actually have something to say when I tell people I like traveling and writing.

I'm going to make it like a column, I will update it weekly and all that!!

Ooh! I'm getting more excited by this idea by the minute!

Cool! So adios Iwishiwaskidding and Hola .... hmm... I'll have to think up a name for the new blog!

I'll come back to this one once in a while I'm sure! Whenever I feel down and out and know that I can post stuff in here without it linking back to me.

Ok then, I'm off, to grab Life by the horns! :D

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AB said...

Oiii I love the idea of the travel blog. When you starting off with it? And I am very proud of the way you have been travelling. Kudos. Something for me to learn:O