Friday, June 17, 2005


When I feel my parents are not proud of me.

When somebody I trust betrays me.

When people I care about lie to me.

When no one cares anymore.

Well, to hell with that, I don't care myself.


First Rain said...

All that hurts. It does.

Kahini said...


Lost in trance... said...

"Well, to hell with that, I don't care myself."

That's when it really starts to hurt. Dont be that way.

Sonia said...

to FR: it sure does. But it numbs after a while, i guess u get used to it!

to Kahini: hug you back! Thank you.

to Lost in Trance: I'm trying. But its hard isn't it?

Animosity said...

hell it hurts.. but does it actually ever numb you?
somhow no matter how hard i try... i don't think it ever does
or maybe i'm not doing something right

Anonymous said...

I'd cut off the relation with anybody who does these to me.It hurts if its someone who is close to ur heart..
but I'd rather take that, than have a friend who is not trustworthy.

trust's worth it.